Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting Things Done

Woke to cold and cloudy weather. So I was in no hurry to get moving and enjoyed my coffee.

Finally got bored doing nothing but trying to still figure things out on this computer so shut it down and got my day started. Went for a hair cut and then stopped at Walgreen's to pick up a toy for my Smiley since he has finally been potty trained.  It was a struggle but the other day he just asked his daddy to help him go. And hasn't had an accident even at night.
I also finished working on the camp shower and it is now painted black.

While I was at it I painted the lamp post out front it was looked pretty bad and had some peeling spots. Can't have a sloppy looking lamp post.

The sun made it's appearance a few times but it sure didn't stay long. Later the wind came up but I was done being outside until Fred needed a walk.

I got around to taking down an Indian rug I had hanging on the wall for quite some time. I had a nice quilt I didn't know what to do with from my place in the mountains and decided to hang it in that place. Bought a rod to hang it on 2 weeks ago so I got that hung up today. I like the way it looks.

Good Night All


  1. They say boys are a lot harder to train than girls. I was just glad I got that done before I went to the Navy.

  2. "Can't have a sloppy looking lamp post."

    Well, some people can't.

  3. Sometimes I think I need to just shut my computer down completely. With no TV or radio, I've transferred the addiction to the computer, but thankfully have never wanted to get back into the Facebook rut. Maybe when the weather warms up a bit I can get a life, lol.

  4. I had to do a system restore cause my printer went to la la land! I had printed a mailing label from the USPS site and I think it zonked my printer in some way..the restore worked so I was happy! The quilt hanging sounds great, did you ever get the photo uploading thing straightened out?

  5. Good morning John,

    I bet the Navy was happy too. Your so silly I'm glad for it. Have to have a good sense of humor in this world.

    BBC, this is a well kept place that's why I live here.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I have Verizon air card so I am limited to 4g I try not to go over but I sometimes do and I'm trying to cut down on my expenses so I can travel over the summer. Some days are just like that though. Why no radio?

    Hi Sondra,

    I have been doing lots of restore and it all stems from trying to be able to post pictures. Trying all the recommended nonsense has caused lots of problems. I guess it's time to really find a new place to blog.

  6. If there is a problem in your computer I don't think switching to another blog format will help. But I guess you can give it a try.

    As for a system restore, you have to go back to a restore date before the first time the problems started so you may have to go back a month or so.

  7. Bought my current confuser five years ago, came with Win7 on it and I've never had to use system restore, it is getting some garbage on it that slows it down a tad but that is to be expected I guess.

    When I bought it I also installed Avast anti virus and Malwarebytes, paid for versions cuz they do a better job than the free programs and they have done a great job of protecting it.

    Oh hell, the thing these confusers are best at is getting our blood pressure up, I'm getting too outdated for this rock and need to go find a very small town to live in.

  8. I would get kicked off of it but for the kind of posts you do Facebook may work well for you. Not that I know anything about Facebook..

  9. I have all those things you mentioned and I do use face book but keep it at a minimum of guests. It isn't a problem with my computer it's google and blogger. But I'm just going to move on got better things to do with my time.

  10. Jo,

    If you ever get that figured out I am slogging my way through Windows 8.1 with limited success. AAAAWWWHHH> Might be getting too old to learn all these new things.

  11. Hi JMD,
    I hear windows 8 is not easy to figure out and some have had it change out to 7. But I don't know how that works. good luck.