Tuesday, February 4, 2014

House Repair's Not Bad

It was pretty dang cold today.

I cleared the counter around the window so I wouldn't have to move anything later on. Ran the dish washer so that wouldn't be a problem either, not that it would be. Mark showed up on time and we went over the outdoor job again of what needed to be done. He took more measurements and headed off to buy the materials. He wasn't gone long and got to work. I stayed out of his way. With each rip of another board it was like cha ching. Most of the skirting had dry rot along the back and side of the house. And all the trim was bad too. He worked steady on it. My check written hand was shaken pretty bad.

I quit trying to figure out what to do with this computer and went out to work on the camper. It was really cold out there.

We seem to be having a problem with someone stealing around here. First I noticed my cooler was missing then my jig saw and now a converter box for the TV. I guess they carted the stuff off in the cooler little animals. What I can't understand is how it didn't wake me up since my window is right next to the shed. I guess I just figured it was Javelina.
I'm going to buy another sensor for over the shed door that will wake me up when it goes on.  Other people are missing things also and they found a 12 pk. empty between 2 yards and in a community area they upchucked their beer buzz.
Little jerks can't even drink right.

Just as I was finishing up putting things away Mark was finishing up. And we settled up the bill. It really wasn't bad and I was happy.
I finally found my new Passport America book and card in the mail today. I will start planning my summer travels tomorrow.

Temps are dropping pretty fast tonight time to turn the heater up a little.

Good Night All


  1. Glad Mark left you with a few coins in your pocket to spend on travel. ope it warms soon to put you in the right frame of mind for trip planning.

  2. We seem to be having a problem with someone stealing around here.

    You live in Tucson, hello???

  3. Sorry to hear you had your cooler, jig saw, etc., stolen. Sometimes we have thefts in our mobile home park, buyt fortunately I've never had anything taken. Guess there's always a first time. If you ever see them in the act, hit the panic button on your car remote - might give them a jolt. I make sure my remote is on my bedside table at night along with the cell phone. I always felt safe when I had a dog.

  4. It feels good to get projects done. It will be below zero here tonight. -9 to -29 with wind chill.... I think I shall just cuddle up in bed.

  5. Sorry to hear about the things you have lost in your trip. Be sure again you don't loose things and be careful.
    Nice news about your Passport.

  6. Good morning John,

    Me too, He does really good work and he doesn't price gouge. It won't stop me from making plans for sure.

    BBC I'm so sure you live in a crime free city like that exists anywhere.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I've lived here for 14yrs and we haven't had much trouble. it's the young kids from the apt. and we usually get it under control as soon as it starts. You can't tell they only take light things that they can run with. I re directed my sensor light and it will wake me up if it goes on, I don't have one of those entry keys so no alarm. That's what went wrong in my little car and caused a short.. And Fred seems to sleep through everything. Good watch dog. LOL

    Hello Karen,

    We are having heavy cloud cover and mid 50's today I will be happy with that compared to your weather. Good day for your new quilting project. Stay warm.

    Hi weekend,


  7. No, our jail is full also, but it is a lot smaller town and I live on a very quite street with only two other neighbors.

  8. Last summer someone stole our large bird feeder out front that was hanging on our tree. Worse yet, we had just filled it with 5 lbs of seed. Buggers. Hope they appreciated that feeder. Now we feed the birds only from our tree out back. Let em buy their own feeders.

  9. HI JMD,

    these people are just plane garbage. Maybe they'll realize they shouldn't have stolen the jig saw when they dam near cut part of their hand off. tomorrow I will go to Walmart and buy 2 more sensor lights and a fog horn. The sheriff's dept. has been notified

  10. Here it is generally drug addicts that take things, to resell for more drugs. Two sides of my property have a solid eight foot tall fence and the other two sides are six foot high chain link. There used to be a business here.

  11. well bummer, Jo... hope they get caught! somewhere... they will mess up ... glad your repairs were less than expected! yay

    I am soooooo freakin cold... moan and gripe and on and such ... ooooh where are you going this summer, Jo? did I miss your saying?