Monday, February 10, 2014

Google And Blogger

I spent about an 1 1/2 hours on the phone with these people. I am getting a refund on the money they have taken out of my account. She said it was to store my pictures, that was not what I was told I don't need them to store my pictures I can store them for free on my computer. The she said they are aware of the problem  on not being able to upload pictures. You mean to tell me after 2 months they can't fix this problem? She then gave me a link to see about uploading pictures, Thanks lady for nothing the link has been taken down. I guess that wasn't working either.

I did get a lock for the inside of the camper today and looked at twin bed sets. The delivery was almost as much as the bed. Maybe I will just rent a truck for 19.95 and grab a couple of the boys and go pick it up.

I had to make a theft report today so we can get some things resolved around here. The Sheriff was really nice and of course he got a big kick out of my guard dog. He was bringing him toys and wanted to play.  Oh Fred!

Good Night All


  1. Your going to have to tell Fred that if he doesn't do a better job of guarding you're going to fire him.

  2. JO - If you want, I can fix that computer for you. New systems come with a restore partition and when you first turn the computer on typically HP computers prompt you to create the restore DVD's and if you select no it won't ask again.

    I can rebuild the system for you if you want to ship it to me. I'd be more than happy to help out free of charge. Let me know and we'll get that computer all fixed up for you.


  3. Well! at least they refunded your money! that is insane! no no no I'm not going to get started on trying to.. no no no Ohhhh a bonafide person who can fix it has offered... yay Erik!

    yeah, well, I would have bet gooood money that Fred would not be a mean snarly watch dog.... hahaaa

  4. I've come to the conclusion that computers are now designed for people other than us - the casual user who just wants to email, blog, and surf the internet now and then. The developers are young power users themselves, and they don't understand that the whole world isn't like them. I really have a tough time because I refuse to Facebook, and it's becoming increasingly necessary if you want to research some things on the internet or to comment - you are required to go to the FB page. I could go on and on.

  5. Jo, you have been one busy lady. Computer issues make me wild, I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous but not accurate. Sigh.
    Well, it is good that Fred got on the good side of the Sheriff, betcha he remembers you and Fred and hopefully will get to the bottom of the "goings on". The local Home Depot wanted $75 to bring us a toilet 4 miles. We got them to load it in our SUV and somehow managed to get it out once we got home. Crazy expensive.

  6. Oh, Blogger issues... I have not been able to upload photos for a long time - had to use a different computer. Had mine worked on last week and I am finally able to upload photos again. It was most likely caused by a problem with a newer version of Internet Explorer. It is so good to have things working right again - sure hope you can get yours working right soon.

  7. What are you having stolen? I guess I missed something.

  8. Good Morning John,

    I had a talk with him after the Sheriff left. Later we went for a walk and a total stranger walk up to him and he wanted to lick him to death. I give up he's just to sweet, just like his person haha.

    Hi Erik,

    I appreciate the offer and will give it a lot of thought . I will send you an email as to what information it gives me but yes it keeps asking for a disc. I would love for that thing to work as it had a 20" screen which these eyes really need. Thank you very much Erik. I am now running memory test on it.

    Hi Carolyn,

    It is really nice of Erik to want to help. Trying to pack up a 20" screen might be a task but I will give it lots of thought..

    Good Ole Fred the only thing he barks at are large birds and cat's but with the cats I think he just wants to play with them. but not sure so I don't let him get close.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I'm telling you this is making me crazy. But your right the people who build these things don't realize not everyone is a computer geek. I'm just not even patient enough for an easy fix.

    Hi 2 Tamps,

    Oh yes Blogger issues I love the way they tell you how to fix it and it isn't even a working URL I lent my daughter my other laptop and will pick it up over the week end and see if that works. Thank you for you input.

    Hello JND,

    Tell me about it I really hate these problems.

    The Sheriff said Fred would be easy to steal he is just such a love. I know and he never is out of my sight for more than a few minutes even when he is out on the porch. I would kill someone if they tried to take him. Thief beware biting owner.

    Hi Nancy,

    some electrical tools, air mattress and pump, cooler there is a list and they are all small items so far. Of course there was a large empty space but we aren't sure if it went up on top or if it was a tote of Christmas stuff for the tree. Out of my truck a GPS and they broke my stereo system trying to get it out or the CD's which are now stuck in there.

  9. JO - You can email me at erik at nordiccomputers dot net, I put it that way so the bots scouring the internet don't grab it and start spamming me.

  10. Regarding Blogger, use Live Writer 2012, you can download it here.

    Just uncheck all the other programs and leave Live Writer checked. It's much easier to manage the blog and upload pictures this way.

    I can help with this also. :)