Sunday, February 9, 2014

Busy, Busy

Debbie came over this morning and we got to work taking down the village. We always have fun doing things together. We each took one end of the tote and carried it out to the shed. The totes sit on the floor so at least there was no trying to get them on a shelf. I got the room  all vacuumed out and washed the window from inside. It's a hard window to wash because the sun is always there. But tomorrow I will use the Windex pad on the stick and try to get it clean. I love those pads as you then just wash the window down with the garden hose.
I'm thinking I will hang a mini blind in there but I really like the paper shade so much. With sun being there all day I think it might melt the mini blind since I already have one of the plastic kind. There is an awning over the window from outside but the sun still gets in on the bottom. The decor of the room is oriental and the paper shade matches up with it.

Next Sunday Debbie will bring Adam so he can carry out the  4x6 board to the shed and put the tail gate to the truck away also.

Plenty tired tonight but it feels good to be done.

Good Night All


  1. You do know we need photos, don't you? LOL

  2. You plan your life to live in doing your works...

  3. Hi Nancy,

    The photo's have been an on going problem with blogger and google today I will make a call since e-mails and other feed back go un answered.

    Hello weekend,

    Yes keeping busy is very important.

  4. Hi Jo,

    I know this is a bit off the subject line, but I found these cute free patterns and wanted send them to you before I forget.

  5. Hi JMD,

    Thank you I will check them out I think I need to learn some new things.