Saturday, February 8, 2014

Really Had A Great Day

Of course the morning was chilly but not as chilly as it has been.

Barb, picked me up a little after nine and I was not ready. Almost but not quite. We picked up Kathy and off we went to Tubac and the Craft Show. It was chilly when we got there but it warmed up nicely and we walked and walked. I saw the guys from Pinetop, Coyote Country Seasoning Co. that sell great soup starters, dip mixes and rubs for meats, fish, etc. As I was looking at the rubs I noticed the one I like wasn't there. I asked about it and he said they discontinued almost the entire line. A few booths down someone taped me on the shoulder and it was the other guy from the Coyote Country booth, he said I have a large jar if you want that, the other guy didn't know he brought it along.
I went back and bought it as my little jar is almost gone. Kathy bought soup starters and dip mixers.

We continued to walk around and we really covered a lot of the little town. We all decided it was time to have lunch somewhere so off we went down the road. We stopped at a place the Barb really likes and I wasn't so sure about it as I had been there before and wasn't impressed. Today I was even less impressed as the service was very slow and by time they brought out food it was cold.  They offered to bring another serving we said no. Kathy's food was OK so she said but Barb and I were not happy but they didn't charge us. It wasn't very busy that the waitress' couldn't handle the tables so I don't know what the problem was. But as people started showing up and no one was showing them to a table they started leaving like mad. And some people started looking for their own ketchup and mustard. Barb had to agree this would never be a place to stop again.

Tonight for dinner I made Salmon with my green Chile rub and some green beans and red potatoes. I even sprinkled the green beans and potatoes. Now that I have more I can use it to my hearts content.

Good Night All


  1. Once you find a seasoning you love it's hard to do without it. I use Santa Maria seasoning on all kinds of fish, and just love the taste it imparts to the food.

  2. Sun arrived this afternoon and the warm up started. Thank you very much.

  3. 'night Jo... glad you had a great day ;) ... I'm rummy dummy and ... well, rummy dummy ... hahaaa

    going to get outta here tomorrow! if I have to crawl! it's snowing right now ... this freaking minute! it is 1:23am .. why am I up? .... I don't know. well, yes, I do ... snow bound! cabin fever! only so many old movies a body can watch ... ;)

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I used to love the Salmon rub from Schwan's that came with the salmon but their prices are through the roof so I had to quit buying it. But this rub made a great salmon last night.

    Good morning John,

    So happy to hear it showed up. I'm exhausted from all that dancing to bring it your way. :)

  5. Hello Carolyn,

    Not more snow! you be careful out there I know the kitties need their food. Buy extra just in case this doesn't stop.

  6. Doctor told me I should cut back on my drinking so I went to the bar for some interesting bullshit yesterday afternoon. :-)