Friday, February 7, 2014

Sunny Day

I think it rained a little last night, but today the sun was shining bright. Wasn't to chilly either.

Didn't do much today. I sat on the porch enjoying the sunshine.
Cleaned the floor shampooer but that's about it.

Finished a scarf and started a beanie. And read some trying to finish this book but it just goes on an on and I think I will just move on to a new one.

Good Night All


  1. We still aren't doing any better, 33 this morning and an all day drizzle and the high only got to 38. RV's aren't made for these temps., Send sun.

  2. I often find I lose interest in a book after reading it for a while, and just take it back to the library. Some are books I enjoy, but just don't want to read anymore.

  3. Jo??? it's snowing and we got 3" from 7 to 8pm ... sniff, bawl, moan groan bitch and snarl .... I am freeeeeeeezing and I'm inside! my wall heaters' thermostats only go up to 72 degrees... and this house is drafty ... hiss

    damn cats will be out of food tomorrow... stuff wasn't supposed to happen until Monday ... the weather people lie... LIE ... hiss

  4. I think it's supposed to be in the high 69 range tomorrow (Sat.). Sunday back into the 70s!

    I'm ready for some Spring!

  5. Jo,

    I am excited our forecast for today and Sunday is in the high 60's. Hooray. May be about time to get the BBQ going again.

  6. Good morning John,
    So sorry about that weather. Maybe you should have headed to AZ instead. But I'll do my best to get you some sun.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I was very disappointed in this book. It just goes on an on about the same thing and if its supposed to be a suspense it went to far and I lost interest and began to know the next move way before I got there. No wonder it was only .99

    Oh Carolyn,

    You should have left last month when you had a clear in the weather. I know you don't want t drive but I think it beats what your going through now.

    Hello My Friend Jim,

    I think lots of folks are praying for Spring. I feel bad for all those who are far worse off than us.

    Hello JMD,

    High 60's would be lots of folks dream right about now. This has been a tough winter for most. Since you are higher up you get more cold than we do down here. Can't wait for that BBQ though.

  7. Don't you hate books that are more trouble to read than they are worth?

    You are encouraging me to pick up my afghan again. I got bored with it and it has been neglected for a while. :)

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Pick it up and start on it again. You are having great weather to work on an afghan. :) I saw some white yarn in a big bag full in a close so I can finish mine now. It's so close to being done so I started using the dark blue but it through off the pattern so I put it down again.

    Yes I really tried to finish this book but it just got to repetitive and it was not something that should have been silly and it was terribly silly. Really bad writing. And they claimed it was a true story.

  9. Once in a while I start a book I just can't get into. Toss it aside and perhaps try another time.

  10. Hi Phyllis,
    Nice to see you here. I think I will really have to be bored and have nothing else to ready to pick this one up again.

  11. Phyllis I still can't comment on your blog. You sure have been busy. You are some fantastic people with all the good work you do for others.