Monday, February 24, 2014

Some Thoughts on Fulltiming

There was a blog this week or so about someone trying to decide on whether to sell their home to go full timing. I gave this some thought a few years ago as well. I feel for me that would not be such a good thing. My home is paid for I live in a manufactured home in a really nice adult park.  I pay a very small HOA fee that covers, trash, water, sewer and amenities. Yes I pay property tax and home insurance and other utilities.  But when I am done roaming around where would I be able to live for this amount of money each month? Nowhere. I like my belongings. In spite of the work it needs it is still my nest. It is comfortable and I like having people over and having enough room to do so. 

Of course this is what works for me. It isn't for everyone. I just thought I might add my 2 cents.

I took a break this afternoon to enjoy my porch and the wonderful weather.  After all I did plant some flowers and have been running my fountain for a couple of weeks now. I finished 2 call lists and I was givin another one today.  I may start on that one tonight  or maybe tomorrow morning. Now that I have the hang of what I am doing it goes much faster. 

This is the new sign for the front yard when it's wine time.
 Geraniums variegated pink
 Persian Buttercup,  Love these and they are doing very well

 Forgot what these are called

These are my flowers hope to get a few more as I really love Petunia's and they give off a soft fragrance maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. Are you taunting me with flowers. We got six inches of snow today... Not a flower in sight! Boo!

  2. The flowers are stunning, Jo! WOW!!!!!!!!!! We won't see flowers for weeks here!

    I agree with you about the fulltiming. I used to think I would love to do it, but now I realize I love having a home to come home to. I love being able to plant flowers and veggies. And I love room to sprawl and having a washer and dryer and full kitchen.

    So I dearly love to wander. But just as dearly, I love to come home.

  3. Yummy looking flowers!

    As much as I love to travel, I don't want to full-time. I'm happy now knowing that our little house is waiting for me. IMO, part-timing is the best of both worlds.

  4. Full timing is certainly not for everyone. It works for me because it's harder to hit a moving target.

  5. I totally get it, I want to fulltime as well but would like to have a home base as well... I can't afford to fulltime so it's all moot anyway. :)

    Nice pictures Jo!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous! I fulltimed for a little over 2 years and enjoyed it while it lasted, but I didn't like having to do it alone. Now I truly enjoy having a place to come back to, near my kids, and still make my trips tenting in the National Parks & Forests, or spending a night in a Motel6.

  7. Different strokes for different folks. I had to get out of Minnesota for the winters, and couldn't afford a house and travel.

  8. Hello Karen,

    Sorry you are having so much snow. But I promise spring is coming. But when your spring comes I will be roasting and more than likely the flowers will shrivel up and die. :( I guess we all have our down sides to weather. If there is a perfect place I would love to know where it is. :)

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes the washer and dryer are really almost the best part. Coming home to my roomy house and all my favorite things is the best part. I love to wander but like the saying goes There's No Place Like Home for me anyway.
    Of course if I had one of those 41' rigs with 5 slides and a driver I might just think twice. Or dream it anyway

    Good morning John,

    I think men can handle full timing better because you don't need all the things women like and like you said it isn't so easy to hit a moving target LOL your to much.

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you, I only used the small Kodak.

    Hi Erik,

    I get the can't afford it believe me.

    Thank you on the pictues.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Thank you on the flowers. I enjoy them so much, but once the heat hits it usually is over. Maybe with the added shade to the sides of the porch and a fan they will last longer but I don't it. I hate the summers here. But at least I have my little camper to run off into higher country for awhile it won't be so bad.

  9. We, too, wanted to travel LOTS. Having a house and maintaining this life would be a strain on our finances. I, as a fulltimer, am glad this is not for everyone. If so, we would NEVER get into a overnight parking spot at the Walmart.

  10. Hi Phyllis,

    Hahha, so true. Yes for some it is the ideal life style nothing wrong with that for sure. Maybe if I had someone to be with like Gypsy said above it would be better. But I read plenty of blogs by solo women and they enjoy their times.

  11. I want to spend a certain amount of time traveling but prefer a home base for when I'm tired of being on the road...I want to explore and expand not stay in holed up in one place for months on end may as well have sticks n bricks as to do that.
    Like you mine is free and clear, I do look forward to getting out there on the road tho! The squirrels ate my pansies so I had to replant!! Your flowers look wonderful!

  12. yes... that's my dilemma too ... at my age... I really want a home base. LOVE the flowers! soooooo ready for Spring...

  13. Hello Sondra,

    Yes I love to go and not be home but to have the advantage of coming home to stretch out a bit.
    We don't have squirrels but if you put them down on the ground the javelina wil get them for sure.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Home base is the way to go for some of us others no but that's what makes all of us different.

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  16. Hellos name is Rue and I'm relatively new to posting. Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers. My home of 25 years is paid for and I'm very attached toy memories and things collected over the years. Perhaps if I could afford something larger than a 25 ft RV I would seriously consider becoming a full timer. But for now I will stick with learning how to dry camp. I am currently mapping a trip from the San Bernardino Mountains to Canada.