Sunday, February 23, 2014

Muggy Day

Tracy was a no show I guess she had the little guy and she doesn't get to see him much anymore so I give her the day for sure.

I went to Safeway as we were having a wine night here at my place. I had on jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt as it was chilly. By time I left the store I was sweating. Came home and changed into lighter clothes.

It wasn't even a nice day to sit on the porch so I started typing again. Since I found out my co person doesn't own a computer. I really don't think this is going to work out to well. I need someone who has a computer to help out with these lists.  I found out yesterday that a new list is being made for the water routing. This way when water needs to be turned off people can be notified before they jump in the shower and get soaped up. 

I sure wish I was here right about now
Woodland Lake
Can you hear the water babbling down the rocks?

 Mr. Rufus 

I have to get back here some how

Good Night All


  1. As usual a volunteer job turns into more work than was bargained for.

  2. Yes, I sure wish I was there where the pictures were taken. So peaceful.

    The trouble with volunteering is that those who do such things tend to take their jobs very seriously and want to do it right. It's almost always more work than possible for 1 person. Get a different assistant and make sure everyone knows the assistant has to use a computer. Good luck.

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes this is turning out to be way to much work. I have lots of help with questions but not typing. UCK!!

  4. Hello Gypsy,

    Your right we take this on very seriously. I don't like doing things half way. I am going to talk to the lady this morning and then put out the word I need someone with computer skills to help out with this.

    I love Woodland Lake it runs between 2 towns Lakeside and Pinetop I know I am going to miss them both.

  5. I love today's photos, Jo!

    Enjoy that muggy weather. We are headed for another polar vortex.