Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally Standing On The Corner

Trying to get this guy posted has been a real pain in the neck but here you are Carolyn. 
I finished one call list today what a relief that was.  Then off for a bit of shopping with the girl friends. I picked up 3 new tops that I really needed quite badly. Everything was 50% off a Penny's.

Now I am going to take the day off tomorrow and hang with my daughter I think if not just going to enjoy my porch and relax.

Good Night All


  1. ah catching up! great pictures, Jo... what fun remembering. I enjoyed it there just for the history alone! ... love that song and now again... I'll be singing it .. hahaa

    Penney's is in bad shape... hate that too because they have been around long before even me!


  2. That's exactly how I plan to spend my Sunday, too! Hope you have a great day.

  3. Hello Carolyn,

    I had a heck of a time posting that picture. It was on a thumb drive and they don't display like off the computer.
    If Penny's hadn't changed their line of clothing and better trained there floor people they wouldn't be in this mess.

    Good morning John,

    He's a little on the thin side but sure was happy to meet him.

    Hello Sharon,

    Yes if my daughter is a no show the porch it is. Maybe run and get some dirt and another plant of some kind.

    Enjoy your day too

  4. We will be through that area mid June.

  5. I wish the stores would stick with what made them good to begin with and take care of their market. I just hate it that stores like Target have squeezed out much of their merchandise to make way for food.I'll buy my groceries in a real grocery store, and clothing in a clothing store.

  6. Hello Phyllis,

    It shouldn't be to hot there in June. Lots to see in the area Hope you enjoy it.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I don't shop at Target just don't like their policies. Only go there as a last resort and that isn't often ones a year maybe and it's to bad they have some really nice things.