Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Great Luncheon

I ran to Ace and dropped off my screen this morning. I almost fell over at the cost. I have always fixed my own but ran out of screening material. I should have run over to Lowe's and picked of a roll.

Then off I went to Walmart Grocery Store and did my shopping. Picked up lots of salad fixings and other things. 

I have been trying to think of what to carry for food on my trip that won't require cold storage. So as I walked the isles I found things that just need water to make some meals and they weren't very expensive either. 

I got home and started to put things away and was just getting ready to fix the salad when Lucy came. Lucy stopped at Subway and brought some flat bread pizza and a sandwich which we split. We talked and talked. Both of us have plans set in Jello. LOL 

Good Night All

1 comment:

  1. Plans in Jello are the best kind of plans, Jo!

    I know Ace can be more expensive than the big box store, but honestly the one near me not only seems to have everything I need, but they have helped me so much by answering questions. I was so used to Rich doing all of the fixing/changing, etc., that I didn't have a clue about anything.

    When I camp I usually pack some of those little boxes that come with crackers, chicken salad, and a little spoon. Voila--lunch! Not as good as lunch with you and Lucy, though! Hugs to Fred.