Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Little Of This Not Much Of That

Yesterday was a slow morning until afternoon when we had a Board Meeting. Then it was back to fixing call lists and making sure someone called to the Sheriff to report a theft of about 25#s of meet from a freezer.
I also get a call about a man wondering in the Village so we called the Sheriff and they got the guy and hauled him off.

This morning had to get Fred off to the groomers by 8am that is not nice. I used to be a morning person. While I still get up by 6am I sure don't like being rushed and gulping coffee.

I had 30 min. to waste while waiting so I stopped at the Family Dollar Store and bought him a new bed, collar and a treat. I parked out in the road until it was time to get him. He looked like he lost his best friend LOL He is a real ham.

I ran home and put his other beds in the washer and took a shower.

We hung out on the porch for about an  hour then took a walk. Just about then Barb called and was on her way. We had lunch at Coyote Pause. We hadn't been there  in quite some time as it is so busy when the winter visitors are in town.

Didn't do much after I got home but clean the porch and walk with Fred.

Yes the weather has been ideal.

Good Night All


  1. Busy morning for you torturing Fred again. A least he got gifts for forgiveness.

  2. I am still a morning person, but don't get up until 8 am, and then like to take my time. I fall apart at about 1:00 in the afternoon, so anything I need to do I should get done before 1:00.

  3. I'm a morning person converted to a night person. What on earth does poor Freddy need a groomer for? He's a handsome dude just the way he is.

  4. Good morning John,

    Poor Fred he starts to whine about 1/2 mile from the groomers. I tried to fool him by stopping at the Post Office to drop mail in the box but he's to smart for that.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Don't know when I changed into this dragging my butt morning stuff. But I sit and drink my coffee answering comments and reading FB and e-mails . Can't waste to much time this morning must go shopping and drop off a screen to be fixed and be back by 11 to have a nice salad luncheon with Lucy here at the house.

    Hello Nancy,

    Fred needed a bath and to get his nails clipped. His nails are black so I will not try to clip them on my own. I think he has figured out the bigger the fuss he makes the better the treats after.

  5. Jo, you crack me up. We pet parents understand our critters so well. As I type this we are unexpectedly in Oregon with our cat (I know he hates us) but we know.....

    I am confident Fred is a pretty boy after a grooming experience...not that he wasn't before. Take care.

    We are heading back to sunshine tomorrow!

  6. Hi JMD,

    LOL your cat hates YOU OH NO! Have a safe trip back and the sun was a little off today but it was still nice.