Monday, March 24, 2014

More Plans Made

Today I called the White Mountain Apache Reservation and asked some questions. $175. a month or by day $8.  You can either stay the month at one campground or move about to their other places. 
All the campgrounds are around lakes. While there are no amenities I really don't need any. At the entrance to Little Bear and Big Bear there is a spring to get water. And they do have dumpsters for trash. The store is only about 3 miles away so no big problem there. I will still spend some time in Greer at Bobbie's place. And who knows where else I will roam. Now to figure out a leave date. I think the heat will have lots to do with that. I may not leave until June but who knows. I hope to still make a run to NM.
I know that recently I posted some of these pictures and its hard to remember which ones so I will try not to resend to many
This picture is a wild rose if you get it to open

These are neighbors that share the campgrounds LOL

I see there are blogger problems again. I guess if you click on the pictures they open. Since changing over to Chrome I have been having problems.

Good Night All


  1. Is it safe to drink water from springs, Jo? I'm anxious to hear about your adventures. Where will you go in New Mexico?

  2. Getting closer to firming things up. Greer will just be a short jaunt from New Mexico. Things will probably depend on the fire season too. Never know what might burn this year.

  3. I had no problem with the pictures, and when I clicked on them they enlarged. I hope the campground "neighbors" didn't leave too many calling cards!

  4. Hi Nancy,

    For that past 2 summers my friends and sometimes myself have filled jugs for drinking water. No one ever had any problems.

    If I go into NM it will be the northwestern parts to stay in the mountains. I'll have to look and see what is up there.

    Nancy I cannot get to your blog anymore, if it comes up at all it is from July 2013. I was really enjoying the pictures and write up until it went away.

    Good morning John,

    Yes Greer isn't very far from NM I think about an hour. And yes it depends on the fire risk which is already very high. I want to be in an area that can be quickly be departed from.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I seem to have a bug so running a full scan now. I noticed on another blog the pictures are cut up and have lines threw then. Not sure I like this Google Chrome thing I have pot ups I can get of driving me nuts.

    There are also horsed the roam around its all part of the natural setting lol You see horses and cattle roaming all over the reservation roads.

  5. Cool looking tent. Look forward to your trip.

  6. Good info Jo! Los Burros is right there as well and about 1300ft lower, also rim country as well they have restrooms there as well. Have fun!

  7. You going to roam? I hope you do... Since I"ve known you, you've had a destination in mind... where is Greer... higher elevation? cooler? I just might google... I'm all excited today about getting me together to leave tomorrow... yay! yay and reyay! ... damn cats!

  8. Hello Kim,

    It isn't my tent but yes it is cool. I am too getting excited to get out of Tucson.

    Hi Nomad,

    Yes Los Burros should be my first stop so I can start getting used to the elevation. I tried to open your link this morning but had to clean up my computer bought Malwarebytes and it worked great but thanks for reminding me about Los Burros. I'll back to your e-mail and open the link.

    Hi Carolyn,

    So happy your getting to take off tomorrow have a nice relaxing time.
    Greer us Northeastern AZ. elevation is about 9,000.ft

  9. Its good to have a destination in mind! The price is not bad!! That is a nice tent bet you can stand in that one..Mine is an old dome, I'd love to have one of those big army tents and set up a camp with tables and chairs and a bed inside and the "luxury" of a full camping adventure!! Im getting itchy to get moving myself, I declared I would see Sand hill cranes this I gotta get a plan going!

  10. Love the neighbors! :)

    Wish I were going with you!

  11. Hi Sondra,

    I'm still trying to decide on weather to go with the instant up tent or screen room. If it rains at least the tent windows can be closed and you can stay dry. Price is higher on the tent. Since my camper shell isn't quite high enough to stand in I don't want to be stuck in there in rain. the comfort level will wear off pretty fast.

    Sounds like a trip for you is coming too.

    Hello Sharon,

    Come on down or is it up.