Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Talked About More Plans

My friend Terry stopped by today and we went to lunch.  We talked about things we want to do this summer. Terry will head to Oregon for her High School Reunion and a visit with her family.

We talked about doing a few days up at Madera as soon as she is settled into her new place. So maybe in about 2 weeks before she has surgery.

It turned very cloudy today but the weather man said if it brought rain it would never reach the ground because it is so dry here.  He Lied, Had some really good thunder and then it poured down rain for at least 10 min. When you live in the Desert you take what you get and love it.

I purchased Malwarebytes Premium today as I noticed a problem with my laptop. It cleaned it right up and things are working great. I was going to down load it on the desk top but it wouldn't stay running long enough so the hell with it. You can download to 3 computers with one purchase. I have a laptop at my daughters house I need to pick up and I will download it on there as well. I would rather take that one with me when I travel as it isn't as heavy as this one.
These are so pretty and grow wild between Little Bear and Big Bear Lakes and campground
 Osprey I sure wish I had a more powerful camera for these shots

Part of Big Bear Lake

Good Night All


  1. Loved the little butterfly. Can't wait for them to arrive here!

  2. Oh what a beautiful little butterfly! Does your desktop not run because of a possible virus on it or does it have other problems. Glad your program fixed the laptops.

  3. Love the pictures. You do very well. By the time I find a bird in the sky, it's gone--no matter what the camera!

    Glad you got your computer straightened out. I have to look up Madera to see where it is.

  4. I Karen,

    Those butterfly's were everywhere and this one just wanted to hitch a ride I think. I am seeing lots of butterfly's here already. Need more flowers for them to land on so I can get some pictures.

    Hi Gypsy.
    the desk top has some kind of virus in it I had it running but now nothing. It comes up but as soon as you click on it something it goes into blue screen. A blogger who works on computers said it needs to be rebuilt. He offered to do it but is weighs a lot and I can barely lift it. So I am counting it as a loss and tossing it. No more HP's for me

    Hi Nancy,

    Glad you like the pictures. I know what you mean about being gone when your ready to shoot. I have taken many nothing pictures but blue sky trying to catch one.

    Madera Canyon is lower south Tucson outside of Green Valley. Such a short distance from home yet tall Pines and cool breezes. The campground doesn't have hook ups but has pit toilets and water stations. The bathrooms are very clean and there is a camp host. Senior discount $7. night. It's a very small campground and pretty. Now that I have fixed this computer will try again to get you blog back.

  5. I have been using the free malwarebytes, and it does wonderful...That's what my repair man used to fix it,,,lol. I run it about once a week now and have been finding just one to take off.
    That butterfly looks big to me,,,beautiful.

  6. I bought Malwarebytes about 3 yrs ago, fixed up both my PC and Laptop..I keep it running in the background along with Windows Defender and I"M KNOCKING ON GOOD WOOD as I speak so far its doing a great job!
    Bear lake looks great, love the butterfly!!

  7. Hi Trouble,

    I had the free one on the desk top and while it cleaned it up it was already damaged from a virus. My grandson is going to take it home and mess with it. I have no patients left.

    Hello Sondra,

    I think I'm going to be happy to have this too.

  8. WOW ... great pictures, Jo ... LOVE the butterfly ... I am a butterfly freak... just love 'em.

    I like Osprey too ;) beautiful blue sky!