Sunday, March 16, 2014

Setting Up

When I first fixed up this room the theme was Asian. The walls are 2 colors of green. 
When I bought the camper shell I used the single size futon from that room and it was empty except for Fred's toys and bed it was known as Fred's Man Cave.  
I wasn't very happy with the way the room was looking it started filling up with all the odds and ends. As I said yesterday we picked up a twin bed for when Michael may want to hang out here. I was going to use a bright orange comforter and sheets that I had for camping. Not so nice. With the green walls and the orange stuff it looked like an Autumn Explosion Harvest.

So I picked up Kathy and off we went to Anna's linens. I spotted something with the Asian theme but everyone of them was queen or king. We asked the sales girl and she wasn't very helpful. Then we asked another one and as we walked around Kathy spotted more way up on top.  Then I spotted a bag that looked much smaller than the rest. Out came the ladder and the sales girl brought down the twin. YES! I grabbed a mattress pad and realized I needed sheets too. Kathy kept saying black will work as I kept looking a red. Sometimes things don't compute you know.  Finally found some black and a cheap pillow for the sham and I was in business. 

We stopped at Barb's and sat out on her patio it was so cozy with all her plants and flowers. We sat there for a long time when we realized how late it was getting. 

When I came home started washing the bedding and ironing the dust ruffle (I really hate to iron). But it is almost done now I still have to rework the other side of the room. But that will come on another day.
The wall that looks white is mint green. I picked up the lamp years ago at a yard sale. You may recognize the face on the wall from the tin can cabin 2nd hand store find. The little black table is from Ross a long time ago. The black stand next to it was a fish tank stand I painted black and used floor tiles on top to hold plants

I made the ginger jar years ago when experimenting with new paints
The two next pieces were also 2nd hand store finds and the wind chime was a gift it has a fan and blows the wind chime, the next piece was given to me by a friend who was leaving town. The shelf was an unfinished piece from Michael's and painted black and you can almost see the square plate  a bamboo plant painted on it. I had a set with the cups and tea pot and some one working on my house knocked them off the wall from outside the house.

The piece on the left is my sisters hand painted pansy's, white is a piece from Avon that one of my daughters gave me, the 3 green jars are held on a piece of bamboo a gift from my ex dil and the tea jar was a 2nd hand find and of course the red pottery was bought at the 4th Avenue Street fair. The dark little things are little Buda's in many poses the shelf was another yard sale find

Good Night All


  1. That will work very well for a guest room. Lookin Good!!

  2. Really coming together Jo. You are a better woman than me since I don't iron, ever.

  3. The room really looks nice, but does Fred know he'll have to share his man cave?

  4. Everything is so beautiful and well coordinated. You did a spectacular job of decorating.

  5. Good work done by you to create a beautiful room. Your handmade paintings looks great. Read color bed is the highlight
    of this room!

  6. Hi Karen,

    And the twin bed will only hold one guest at a time LOL.

    Hello JMD,

    That's twice in one month that I pulled that iron out. I was surprised it still worked. Hope to not have to pull it out again for a few years.

    Good morning John,

    The first night he wouldn't sleep in there. But he is all good with it now maybe it was the way we just threw the stuff in there. Maybe it was the bright orange he didn't like. Silly Fred.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Thank you, I love to decorate it has always been my passion . But it takes me longer to get things done now. But it gets done.

    Hi Weekend,

    Thank you my sister is a very talented artist I have a few of her paintings and drawings in my home. My dad was also very good.

    Hi ain't,

    Thanks, That orange just didn't cut it LOL

  7. Quite the decorator you are.

    One question - what is ironing?????

  8. Jack’s mad. He never had a “man cave”. You did a good job, Jo. Very inviting guest room. I like to decorate, too. I don’t own an iron. I love that everything has some meaning to you, especially the fish tank stand so nicely repurposed. Thanks for sharing.

    Pats to Fred from me and woofs from Jack.

  9. Very Nice anyone would be comfortable in that room! Feels good when you get "things in order" don't it?

  10. Hi Phyllis,

    I was a long time getting done for sure.
    LOL I hate to iron but some times you just gotta do it.

    Hello Nancy,

    I wouldn't have an iron either but this one is cordless and was a gift so I figured I should keep it. Glad I did. Don't do wrinkles. If after one ironing and it still gets wrinkled in the wash I donate it.
    I like finding new ways to use things and love 2nd hand stores.

    Poor Jack, I'm sure Fred would share his man cave with him.
    Not sure Jack would fit in Fred's cave but they can give a try.

    Hi Sondra,

    Thank you. Yes I have been watching you redo your old house and you are doing a great job. It sure does feel good to see it finished.

  11. Really looks nice. I need to see if the we have a Anna's near our little town...those bed sets were so reasonable.

  12. Very nice, Jo! I would have never thought of red and green and black together, but it looks GREAT!

  13. I Kathy,

    Go online and check it out. I know to have to bring something all the way back home will just take away space for your flowers. Can't have that. :)

    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you. Asian themes run the red and black since the greens are not dark they fell in nicely together. I like the way it came together. The orange just wasn't happening.