Saturday, March 1, 2014

We Sure Got Our Rain, But OH The Wiind

Our first out this morning it was cloudy but warm. As I sat here drinking coffee and typing on a list it  started to get darker and I had to put the floor lamp in here to see.  Pretty soon I heard the rain. I looked out and the wind just took off and the rain was falling  hard. 

It rained on an off most of the day sometimes just a drizzle and some times pouring down. The wind would pick up and then die down. Around 5:15 the wind really started to pick up. I looked out the window to the porch sided which is on the west and thought oh boy those slates are going to blow off soon. Then I heard this loud noise coming from the carport and as I turned around there went the slates they were ripped clean off braces and all. I went out and tied them together best I could to keep them from going airborne and possibly doing damage to my neighbors house.  She came out to see what happened and I decided to tie it on the other end. She helped me and then we ran back in to our houses as the rain started pelting us good in another down pour.  Around 6:10 out went the power for about 15min. When the power came back on I called the guy who installed the new awning and slates and told him what happened. He said what wind?  I said it's blowing like crazy and raining like mad. He was not having any of this wind or rain at his place. When we hung up I called my daughter to see what was happening at her house and she said nothing. I know in this town it can be pouring across the street but to have this weather here and no weather anywhere else was really crazy.

Before I tied it down better

 This is where it used to be. Nothing happened as you can see to my neighbors house
It is perfectly still out now of course. Kevin will stop by tomorrow to check out the  damage.

Good Night All


  1. I hope the damage is minimal and an easy repair.

  2. That is so weird that you had high winds and others in the same city didn't.

  3. I wonder if you had a small tornado, Jo. Glad you’re okay. Everything else can be fixed.

  4. Good morning John,

    Yes to a walk around this morning that luckily is all that was damaged. I might just leave them off some are bent pretty bad and will not be going back.

    Hi Gypsy,

    We do get this kind of weather here at least it made the news last night so he knows I'm telling the truth. And I didn't run into it with the car. LOL

    Hello Nancy,

    The wind just blew an blew we do get what they call micro bursts here. But this was just steady high winds unbelievable. I wanted to see if they would say how high the gusts were but feel asleep with the all the stinkin commercials.

  5. Wow Jo, you really got pummeled. It rained and blew hard last night and this morning the top of Mingus Mountain is dusted with snow!

    Hope the "fix" is inexpensive. It seems as though every time we have an issue that has to be fixed it is expensive. Figures.

  6. Hi JMD,

    I'm glad we got the rain we need it badly, but the wind we don't need. I know I take 2 steps forward and 4 back and yes it is always expensive. But if it is to costly I will not replace the slates. And as you can see how close this is to my neighbor's house and nothing happened there.

  7. Wind always scares me, we've had enough for me to know I dont like it! Sorry you got damage to deal with now...We have rain today and I did see some wind gusting, hope that was all of that Ive got 2 appts. this afternoon!!