Monday, March 3, 2014

I Just Decided to Try Googless

Isn't she a beauty.
I hit google chrome instead of Internet Explorer and look here.
After all this time I can't understand this. But I guess I'll just be happy about it. Now to figure out how to enlarge the font. As this is the x large. 

I haven't done to much other than work on my lists which are really done for now.

This morning I ran to Walmart as I needed a clip on desk lamp and a small 3 ring binder.  And some groceries.

The office here gave me a pack of printer paper so that is good to be helped with office products.

Now that I have this working I will be able to upload more pictures and feel more like taking them. 

Nomad posted on his blog that he bought his NM State Park Pass for $220. this pass is good for a year.  Thank You Nomad for posting and letting those who wanted to know about the price. I assume he did it online since he is still around the Tucson area. He will be leaving soon and start at the south end and work his way north.  I think I will be leaving to late in the season to go that route.

As always I waited to the last minute to gas up and I almost fainted at the price of gas once again. It has gone up almost .10 in a week or a few days. 

Good Night All


  1. The price of gas is steadily rising here also. I'm so glad things are getting better with your computer and blogging. I usually can deal with what I have, but then Blogger will do something entirely different like changing the font, and it drives me crazy!

  2. Gas working its way up for the summer travel season. Hope Chrome continues to work for you, it works for me.

  3. Gas, my insurance, electricity and groceries are all going up. Kind of scary.

    Did you take that deer picture, Jo? It's gorgeous!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I know they constantly change things and we Seniors aren't up to all the techy crap. No Respect!

    Good Morning John,

    My grandson worked on it the last time he was here. I guess he had more patience than I and he finally did all the steps we just didn't try the Google again.

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes the gas is going to kill some travel for sure. But I will just try to stay longer in some places if I get to go.

    Yes I took that picture last summer in the field behind the RV Park I stayed at. Glad you like it.

  5. Hello Kathy,

    She was quite large too.

  6. Way back we were told to start using google, because IE wouldn't work with some things. I didn't want to, but have finally done it too.

  7. Hi Trouble,

    I'm not very happy with google as you don't have the favorites like IE. while you can hit the star you really don't have the file set up.

  8. I do NOT understand why gas prices change daily? It NEVER used to be that way...why as consumers do we put up with it? I guess cause we have no idea how to change it that's why we elect officials...BUT they do Nada about it!!