Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some New Sunset Shots

I see they didn't respond to me on the font sizing what else is new.

Didn't do much today. Attended a meeting and spent lots of time on the computer and never accomplishing why I went online in the first place. Not a big deal saved me money that way.

Not very happy about the way color comes out since changing over to google chrome. the said the colors would be more vibrant I don't think they are even as good as they were before

Good Night All


  1. Like the pictures, colors look good to me.

  2. I can see the difference in color. I've never used Google Chrome and I'm not likely to try anything new. I haven't installed updates for anything for at least a year - I use Firefox and I know they just moved everything to a different place in the updates - they all do that. I haven't updated my Mac software either, but fortunately it doesn't have the security issues that Microsoft does.

  3. Good morning John.

    Thank you.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Your computer needs the updates some of them anyway.
    I bet one of your granddaughter can help you when she comes home for a visit. Some are very important some are not.

    Hi Karen.

    Can't wait to go camping to have more open views. It's hard to try and block out houses and wires. But I do love my sunsets too.

  4. Lots of pink there. Pretty.

    I use Google Chrome. Seems to work faster. My newer computer (Toshiba) has ALWAYS been a problem. With my Verizon MIFI I get a home page but can't go further. So to get on the NET I use my old Acer. Acer has Windows XP. Was notified this week that effective April 4 Windows will no longer support XP. Thinking I need a new computer anyway. Looks like now it the time.

  5. To see your favorites, you hit those bars at the far right, then go to bookmarks, and there are lots of other things there too.

  6. I haven' noticed any increase in speed but I am happy to be able to upload pictures.
    You have mentioned your problems with your Toshiba before and I have one and I love it.
    My sister is also running XP not sure what they mean by not supporting it, does that mean if you have a problem or it will no longer work? It will be interesting to find out.

  7. Hello Trouble,

    You would think I'd remember that as I just did for the desktop. That's for the reminder, its all fixed now.

  8. I had to go from Explorer to Google Chrome, about 6 mos ago. I notice the picture quality is not as good I think they degrade the photo pixels in order to make the pages load faster...The colors in your photos look very vibrant!

  9. Hiya Jo... getting kinda sorta caught up! well? I like the pictures... I update every time Firefox says to as well as Mac and my iPhone...

    Just got through as a matter of fact... security is the main reason, I do.

    Glad you got stuff fixed! I'm still in ice here! sigh sigh SIGH sigh sigh ....

  10. Hello Sondra,

    I'm not very patient or good with all this technology so my grandson worked with it but we kept checking IE instead of google chrome. I just tried it and bingo it worked.

    Hey Carolyn,

    Sorry about all the nasty weather your having. I would be crazy by now. But at least it gave you a little more time with Adelle.

    Updates can be tricky but some are very important.
    Hope it starts to warm up soon.