Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cold Morning, Warm Afternoon

It was sure chilly this morning, But warmed up really nice. 

I got the paint for the porch floor from my neighbor who over bought for his project. It looks very close to the color I will be painting the house which is great. He gave me a great deal so I just couldn't pass it up. Saved me about $60.

My daughter is going on vacation for about 4 days and I am watching her bird. He looks like little green that used to come to my feeders in the yard. Fred is not happy with this visitor and is acting so awful. I hope he gets used to it soon. I'm sure given the chance he would eat it.

Some old pictures 

 This colt was a real beauty and his mom was getting annoyed with us so we left

Good Night All


  1. Fred, mind your manners, you've got company.

  2. So funny about Fred. Don't you know he is supposed to get ALL of the attention? :)

    That colt is beautiful. Such a gorgeous color.

    So glad you can post photos again.

  3. Ill be gone 6 days not 4. Ill come get him thursday when I wake up. Fred has child only syndrome LOL big baby!!

  4. Good morning John,

    I keep telling him to be nice. But we shall see so far this morning he is still being a pest. Poor bird.

    Hi Sharon,

    Even if I whisper to the bird he comes running from the front of the house.

    I tried so hard to get a full picture but the mom and the other horses closed him in, His color was just like his mom's.. So much beauty in the mountains.

    6 DAYS! 4 was pushing it. LOL just kidding if Fred eats it I'll buy another one just before you get back you'll never know