Thursday, March 6, 2014

There's Birds In Da House

Today was a slow day. I cleaned out the fountain and put water in it.  Put some bird seed in the feeder. I had stopped doing it because it is snake time and birds bring rodents and rodents bring snakes. But since I have birds building a nest in the house I figured I would feed them for a few days. I don't know if they stop to eat. They sure are busy.

Fred still doesn't like our house guest and he is really into hanging out around that cage. I moved it as high as I could get it so it's safe.

I ran to Safeway to pick up some muffins for the meeting tomorrow morning. They have ready made salads and I picked up 6 of them for my lunches. I use my own dressing which is fat free, and add some tomatoes and almond slivers also.

Debbie's bird Valentine
 She just couldn't decide how to get this piece in the house

She gave up and flew into the bush next to house. Mr. went in with a feather and he is now on his way out

Mrs. came back but no weed or stick

 My dad made these housed and when the season is over I will paint and repair the blue and white one, I just hope I can it is in bad shape. Also will paint the beige one too.

I love snap dragons I brought them over from the carport and put them on the porch so I can enjoy them more.

This little bird lights up and changes colors.

Good Night All


  1. Valentine will drive Fred nuts, glad you put the cage nice and high. The outdoor birds are sure busy. A good spring sign.

  2. So much fun to watch the little birds set up housekeeping.

    And the snapdragons are so pretty. I have never grown them, probably because we just about go from winter to summer here and I figured they wouldn't do too well in the heat. I might have to reconsider after seeing yours!

  3. Be careful of snakes. If they come ones they will finish of all the birds. Beautiful pictures!!
    Loved seeing the bird building it's house!!

  4. I really like the birdhouses. I have always wanted one, but have only had feeders. I grew beautiful snapdragons when I lived in Cincinnati, and have always liked them.

  5. My birdhouses have been completely neglected, I normally lower the pole and clean them up for next yr but last fall with the accident., it didn't get done! Your father did a great job, spring is trying to arrive here but 2" of rain and gusty wind hve been around for 3 days now ugh!!

  6. Good morning John,

    So far this morning he seems to be ignoring him. Usually if I tell him go find your toy he runs to his man cave for one, now he runs to the bird.

    Hello Sharon,

    Those snapdragons are from last year. They start to get to leggy so I will try to cut some back and see what happens. There are mixed colors in the pot. They bloomed almost all winter, but then are winters are milder than most and I covered them when we had warmings. Try keeping then in the shade for the hottest part of the day.

    Hello Weekend,

    Yes sure don't want to be attracting rattle snake which we have here. Actually don't like snakes of any kind . It was fun watching them bring things in for their nest.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I hope I can fix the blue and white one it has so much detail to it. I think the hole in that one is to small for the birds to get into, I'll try to enlarge it just a bit. I love snap dragons to this is the first summer here I will try to keep them going. I'm usually not here.

  7. Hopefully Fred won't get to "snack" on the little green bird. lol We feed the birds and have to refill the feeder ever other day. I will be glad when the plants start leafing out so they can have more cover from the hawks that are always looking for their next meal.

    I was so excited when we went to Walmart yesterday since the nursery section was filled with vibrant blooming flowers! Can't be too long now, at least I hope.

  8. Hi JMD,

    I love the flowers at Lowe's they seem to do better than the ones at Walmart but the pansies aren't don't so good and I really love them.

    Nasty hawks but they are so beautiful to look at.

  9. ohhhhh the little bird trying to take his stick in the house… hahaa.. how cute! and Valentine is handsome… snapdragons are beautiful!

    I didn't know birds bothered dogs that much…. cats, yes… reckon Fred's just jealous?! haha

  10. Hi Carolyn,

    I don't know what the problem is it might be a little of both.

    But I know for sure he thinks he should be allowed to play with it. After all it's small and it makes noise.

  11. Those pics. are so life like...good job kiddo!!