Friday, March 7, 2014

What A Day

Kevin showed up to fix the slats this morning. I told him not to worry about coming as low as before if he couldn't fix some. It was hard to open the door if I parked right. Sure enough some could not be straightened out but at least I get enough shade from the sun to keep it off  the truck and most of the house.

I was just running off to a meeting when he came but I wasn't needed anyway. The meeting was interesting to say the least. Next Friday we will try again with the rest of the team.

Now for more pictures of past trips

The ruins are about 3 miles from Ft. Apache in White River, AZ. It's to bad nothing is being done to make it more accessible, something was being done at one time and then they just let it go

Good Night All


  1. It really is a shame to not maintain the ruins. I think people love to visit those kinds of places and dream about what it was like back when.

  2. I agree that it is sad that the ruins are not maintained. I think I remember photos from your trip there a long time ago, Jo, if I don't have them mixed up with something else.

  3. I have to agree, why make something a National Historic Site and then not maintain it.

  4. Hello Gypsy,

    I know that some things cannot be saved but the grounds were a mess as well. With rattle snakes in abundance clear paths would be a very good idea.

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes it was a few years ago. that is where I found the horses I photographed also. I did this trip when I went to Ft. Apache the second time.

    Good morning John,

    I think what happened was they turned it over to the White River Apache Reservation and they just let it go to. It could be an additional way to make extra money but I guess that it it doesn't matter.