Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another Windy Day

Didn't do much yesterday. Sat out for awhile until the wind really started to pick up and my eyes felt like a huge bucket of sand was thrown in them. 

Today dawned windy as heck again. So it was another day spent in the house and sneezing and runny, itchy eyes. 

I managed to finish a lacy scarf and used up some left over yarn on a short one that I have no idea what it could be used for.

Of course Fred kept me entertained trying to figure out how to get to the bird.

 I can see you from here little green thing that makes funny noises like some of my toys.
 How can I get up there or hey why don't  you come on down I can show you some tricks

The heck with it, going to see what's in my bowl
 This scarf is very purple not blue.
Sure hope tomorrow is a nicer day. I am getting cabin fever really bad now.  I ordered a piece of camping equipment and it should be in on Tues at Walmart. I'll pick it up after the meeting in the morning. Next month one more thing and I hope I will be ready to take off for a few days to try things out.

Still not impressed with google chrome.

Good night All


  1. dang it, I love to knit, but still can't manage all those loops in that silly scarfy thing that is so popular. Been half knitted in the MoHo for this entire trip. Congrats on figuring it out.

  2. I think we both desperately need to get out camping somewhere. I'm trying to be patient about it, but it's not easy!

  3. Feel that we need patience to get rid of the knots. Cute dog doing it's work!!

  4. Hello Sue,
    I crochet and it is so easy. Just go in an out 9 loops then try not to lose you last stitch while bringing the other loops over the hook. Knitting has too many sticks for me LOL

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes we are far overdue for a camping trip.

    Hi Weekend,

    Yes he is a good dog, I guess he hasn't figured out why it's in the house.

  5. LOL...Fred is a rascal. Very focused at least for a while. We have been promised 75 degrees today so we shall see.

  6. Hi JMD,

    He sure is this can go on all day until he needs some water or an out. Lets hope we see it so far no wind today


  7. The lacy scarves are so pretty!

    Watching Fred's reaction to the bird is really amusing!

  8. I go camping year around.....

  9. Hello Sharon,

    I love making them but then what to do with them. Oh yea birthdays and Christmas.

    Yes he has kept me amused for days now. It will be interesting to see how he acts when they pick it up and take it home.

    Hey BBC,

    I do too

  10. love the scarves, Jo.... beautiful! already addressed Fred's issues on Facebook .. HAHaaaa