Monday, March 10, 2014

Wind Free Day

Today was a beautiful day. No wind only a slight breeze.
Barb, Kathy and I went to Sears as Barb has a gift card. She hoping to find a feather comforter but no such luck. So off we went to  find her friend at the food court. Kathy and I looked in some store windows and a few jewelry stores.

We made it to the food court where Barb and her friend were sitting. We ordered some drinks and hung out for awhile.

After leaving the Mall Barb needed to stop at Sees Candies to get her other half a box of Chocolates for his birthday.

After they dropped me off I ran to Safeway to pick up Fred some Healthy Weight dog food that I have not been able to get a Walmart for some time.

Fred and I took a walk and home we came to make dinner.

It felt great to actually get out and do some walking at the Mall. I'm not a Mall shopper but to get out and about sounded great to me. I bought nothing :)

Good Night All


  1. I normally hate going to the Mall, but the last time I was there I sort of enjoyed being out, and didn't buy a thing.

  2. Just being out with friends makes it a very special day. Glad you had a good one!

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    I avoid malls at all cost, but after being shut in for so many days and not being with my friends it sure was a pleasure to be out there.

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes it was a special day indeed. The winds are supposed to come back this afternoon and stay for a few days again.

  4. yay ... less windy day ;) ... damnation it all ... I want some pals to go to lunch with ... used to love to go to the Mall... when I a working city girl... it was my relaxing time. Loved the Malls... of course, back then ... they were relatively new and a wonderful concept.

    to be able to go do all that shopping at all those stores without getting wet or hot or cold? man? and eat! goood stuff.

    After Yates came along he and I would go and spend the day ... we loved the food court and people watching.

    He was a little feller and we had such great times with all the stuff to do at the Malls...


    Don't go much any longer because I downsized so many times and since shopping used to be my lifestyle ... lol... I can't afford and don't need or want to go into the shops with their dadblasted 75% off sales! no no no I won't go

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    Yes they say 75% off but they raised the prices first. Not in my price range to spend that kind of money and wear the clothes to go camping, or just hang out somewhere. And just because you pay more doesn't mean they last longer. I just laugh when I hear people say that " they have better quality"
    Hog Wash I say.

  6. its been a while since I was in a mall...I has PTSD from living in NYC and going to the mall brings back those
    Spring here, nice and warm last couple of days now a little more rain is on the way...

  7. You sent the wind to my house. :(

  8. Hi Sondra,

    The temps are great it was the wind that was brutal. Now they say it is do back tomorrow. Rats Oh well at least I enjoyed myself for the past 2 days.

    Hello JMD,

    It wasn't me honest! LOL