Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Here!

Arrived around 11:30 am grabbed my spot and set up. My friend Terry was already here and changed spots a couple times. Then wanted another on but someone pulled in and set up. We drove up to the Lodge and I took some bird pictures while Terry walked through the store.

Can you see me?

I left my book in the truck cab so I can't tell you what he is. But he sure is a beauty. I'll post more tomorrow as the battery really isn't very good.

Good Night All


  1. Out in the wilderness...finally.

  2. YA MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!! wow how many times did you change spots??? what a spot for bird pics, the turkey is a good one, I spotted him right off and the dark spot on the blue birds beak is cool. are there many people there? have fun,

  3. Great bird pictures and the turkey is a real beauty. :-)

  4. Great camera working super, huh? Have fun you all!!!!

  5. I like the bird pictures and glad you've figured out the camera.

  6. Wonderful that you're out in nature...your very own "cathedral".

  7. Hi John,

    Yes I am :))

    Hey Lucy

    Yep and it sure is nice come on up

    Hi JMD,

    Lots of birds but I need to set up my tripod.

  8. Your photos are awesome you made the right choice in the camera! I think that is a Broad-Billed Hummer, a male and he is a beauty! Have a wonderful time.