Saturday, April 26, 2014

Truck Is Loaded

Of course I have to stop and get ice and fill the cooler but the cooler is in the truck. I couldn't ask for a better load up but I tell you it was work trying to figure out the best way to load this to fit the cooler. I will have to take the chair out and the mat but that's not to bad.

My grandson Anthony stopped by with my favorite little guy today and his girlfriend.  Anthony cut down the rug more so it is more manageable for me. Now it seems to be a good enough size. Now Fred won't have to sit or lay in the dirt. Spoiled dog.

He was telling me all the colors of things and was very proud of himself.

I can't believe he how grown he is already and smart as a whip.

It was really chilly today as the wind blew like mad. I keep my eye on the slats on the west side of the house as they were taking a real beating from the wind. The weather tomorrow will be much nicer and for the next few days it will be nice. It will be chilly up on the mountain but I'm ready.

Have a wonderful weekend

Good Night All


  1. Safe travels and lots of pictures.

  2. we do NOT want Fred to lie OR sit in the dirt… good for Anthony. What a cutie! such a pretty complexion!

  3. Good morning John,

    Thanks and lot's of pictures coming for sure.

    Hello Carolyn,

    No Fred thinks he is to special for all that dirt.. He is my little Smiley for sure.

  4. Sounds like you are ready to go! Hope the weather behaves for you.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    I think it will be really nice up there. I better get a move on still have a store run and get gas.

  6. No matter how perfectly I pack up when I leave, it isn't long before I have a jumbled mess! Your grandson is a little darling! Isn't it amazing how fast they learn new things, and you can almost see the wheels turning in their heads. Grandchildren are our treasures.

  7. Loved seeing pictures of your little guy. And I'm just thrilled you are ready to head out again.

    Looking forward to reading about it!

  8. Hey Jo! Looking forward to your Madera trip. Should be a peaceful week!

  9. Gypsy Yep it isn't easy in such a small place. I swear that baby is awesome My grandson teaches that little guy everything. His daddy is his world.

    Hi Sharon

    I am so happy to be here

    Hello Ryan,

    Know that Barbara put you name out there I guess it's OK.

    It is very peaceful

  10. Hope you have a good time, I know you have been patiently waiting to get away.