Friday, April 25, 2014

Sears Has To Be Worse Than Penny's

I brought the camera back to Sears today. I paid $86. and change for restock. I hadn't shopped there in about 13 yrs. and I more than likely will never shop there again. For a store that is going down the tubes fast you would think they had better service than that!  Buying the camera and returning it you could count the people shopping there.  There are more associates  working there than shoppers, and I still had to hunt one down.

Anyway I went to Best Buy and had great service and a very knowledgeable Associate. He showed me another camera that I loved by Nikon but they were sold out. So I did stick with the Canon Power Shot SX50 HS. So far so good,

 I took this with my Power Shot 10x this mountain is maybe 1/4 mile from my house which is where I took it from
 This with no zoom with the 50x
 this with the zoom all the way. This is the same picture as the other 2 it is the smaller dark spot  close to the top I'd put and arrow but don't know how :~(

I would have taken more pictures but the wind was blowing me all over the place. I think I am going to love this camera.

Good Night All


  1. Noone has customer service like the good ole days. But I do hope that the camera is one that you will like. It is fun to figure them out and try to get the best they have to give.

  2. I have the camera you purchased today. The only thing I would caution you about with it is dust. It's the first camera I've ever had that's the lense extends so far and then all goes back into the camera the way this one does. I've had mine less than a year and really haven't used it that often because I have two others. I have begun to notice a bit of sound like there might be some dust particles inside when it's closing already! If you still have the option to purchase e the extended warranty at bestbuy and can swing it, I'd go for it! I purchased mine from a camera shop and got it! Good picture taking to you!!!

  3. Jo, I think customer service died along with our economy. There is none in this town ranging from the few stores to businesses that alledge to provide services. This past week has been a disaster along those lines and I sympathize. Short of any of us never entering a business or needing work done to avoid this drama I have no suggestions.

  4. OUCH...This is why when people get upset with me as an Ebay seller that the buyer has to pay return shipping, I know that most brick n mortars and online big stores charge this fee, so I feel its nominal in comparison. Glad you got your new camera and now you will be making great photos!!

  5. The years I worked at Penney's their was no such thing as a restocking fee, it was more important to keep the customer happy. I did see this abused several time in my career including people who would buy a lawn mower, take it home, cut their grass and then return it. We just bit the bullet.

  6. Hi Karen,

    I really like shopping at Best Buy for these items but they didn't have the camera there. Best Buy is a great store. And I know some people aren't crazy about Walmart but I shop there a lot and never have trouble with returns there either.
    But I am very happy with this new camera and have great fun with it.

    Hello Meowmomma,

    I have a cleaning cloth I just grabbed and stuck in the case yesterday, you must have sent me this information through ESP or something. Thanks for the warning. I will go back and buy the protection plan good advise there too.

    Hi JMD,

    Very few stores seem to understand good customer relations anymore then they want to blame it ALL on the economy lots of it is but more important is the customer relations.

    Hello Sondra,

    This is the first time I returned anything to Sears since I haven't shopped there in a very long time..But that fee is way to high.

    Anyway I really love this camera and hope to get lots of great pictures on my trip.

    Good morning John,

    I haven't returned anything to Penny's but I don't thing they charge a restock. But there stores have geared to the very young and customer service stinks. The quality of there goods is about the same as Walmart. I remember buying things at Penny's and having them last forever and not much shrinking either.

    Oh well time to load up the camper. Now that is something to sooth the tattered nerves. :)

  7. i think online shopping has changed just about everything in the retail market. Many people will go take up store personnel's time and expertise, and then end up ordering from Amazon who hasn't done a thing to earn a sale. We will all be worse off when the local stores close, and I don't know if there is an answer to the problem.

  8. Hi Gypsy,

    I don't know that all the stores will close. Lot's of people like to shop in the real world. It gives them something to do. And buy they do. But the big name brand stores of yesterday are killing their own business with bad customer service and bad products that they charge way to much money for. I didn't experience much store personnel expertise in Sears. It is still an on going problem even today.

  9. Congrats on your new camera - I'm a Canon girl too! When I buy something, I read the reviews online, then find the cheapest place to purchase it (usually

  10. Hi Diva,

    Amazon had the same price and I wanted to use this camera on my trip, didn't want to risk not liking it and having to send it back. It's a great camera but not what I was looking for.