Friday, April 4, 2014

Nice Day To Get Out

After filling some jugs with water due to the shut off scheduled for today I figured why sit here anyway.  So off I went to Walmart Super Store to finish my shopping.  

I had to pick up some new filters for the a/c and tomorrow I'll take the face out back and scrub it down before I put the new filters in.  
Bought some mat in several sizes. But I really wanted black so I guess I will have to go to Michael's. I dug out the container from the shed and not only were there frames but they had pictures in them. As I wondered about them I remembered they came from my Dad's house when we cleaned it out. I have most of those pictures so I will remove them from the frames and add then to the box for the kids to go through and take what they want. 

I am going to spray most of the frames black. Some of the frames are color and I will leave them like that. Just don't want so many natural wood tones. I don't think they do much for the picture.

I down loaded Picasa today also so I can crop some and print 5x7s.

I also bought a 6 pk. of Petunia's for the empty pots on the porch.

Have a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Check those pictures out closely, they might be worth a fortune on Antiques Roadshow.

  2. I have so many photos in frames and in shoeboxes, and don't know how to ever start the monumental task of organizing them.

  3. Good morning John,

    The old one is really old. I think it may have been when my own dad was just a kid.. I should try to take a picture of it it is really cool. Maybe if they come here I will take it down.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Organizing pictures is a pain and I have no interest in doing so. I did many years ago and made albums for the kids but there are still so many pictures. It's time for them to go through pick out what they want and trash the rest.

  4. Jo,

    Spray paint and me go way back. I am always saving something I have and repainting it to give it a fresh, new look.

    Petunias, I love them. The first year we moved here I bought a bunch and planted them in pots on the patio and something ate holes in the flowers and leaves. :( I sprayed them repeatedly to no avail and never did find out what the culprit was that was snacking on them. Hope that doesn't happen to you.

  5. Hi JMD,

    I have sprayed painted so many things too. Changes the looks of something so much and it is renewed.

    Some time if you use soap in a spray bottle mixed with water you get better results. I'll keep and eye out. I had some beauties last year up north that I bought at a nursery. If I am going to hang around here this summer I will look for some really pretty ones.

  6. I usually spray paint my frames, too. That way I can make them match whatever will look best.

    I bought pinks, impatiens and some veggie plants today, too. I bet your petunias will look beautiful in your pots. Will look for pictures when they bloom! :)

  7. Hello Sharon,

    I see you had a great trip happy for you.
    Have fun planting and enjoying the flowers and veggies. Hope they do well for you.

  8. love Petunias... and well, Morning Glories too! so cute! wanted to say hey ... trying to get caught with everyone ... glad we're on FB ... ;)