Monday, May 5, 2014

I Want To Change Pictures

I finished cleaning up the camper and made up the bed, fixed curtains. Tomorrow I'll put the clean clothes back. I also emptied another small tote. Still need to organize the bigger one a little more.

I wanted to change my header picture but couldn't find the right place. Why do they make this all so unfriendly to use. At one time it was very easy. So if anyone can give me some direction it will be great.

The wind has come back with a vengeance this afternoon. Warnings of heavy wind and fire danger are high. I see there are fires up north at the NM. AZ. border. They feel they can contain them quickly.

Good Night All


  1. Hard to think of fire danger being here all ready...I pray for safety all across the drought areas.

  2. The combination of fire and wind are very frightening. I hope everyone stays safe. I changed my header picture a couple of times but I can't describe how to do it. Someone will be along that can tell you, Jo.

  3. To change the header go to the blogger dashboard, then layout and when it comes up click on edit for the header. Looking forward to a new header picture. Email if you have problems.

  4. I always have problems when trying to change a header picture. Either the picture comes out too big for the space allotted, or most of the time the photo is smaller and there is a big blank space on the side.

  5. After the horrendus fires last year I hope we do not have a repeat.

  6. Hello Karen,

    Yes the drought is really bad this year and I also pray for everyone's safety.

    Hi Nancy,

    These winds and very dry conditions are very bad. I heard it is as bad as the 2002 fire season and that was bad. And when you mix that with people who just don't get it about fires and disaster strikes.

    Good morning John,

    Thanks I know I was there a few times I'll give it another shot.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I guess we are just not very computer literate and the lack of patience for me is another problem.

    HI JMD,

    Yes we sure don't want or need another horrible fire season. I will more than likely stay close to home until after the monsoon season if we get one.

  7. Hey Jo, See you got your header changed. Looks good! Seen smoke in North Eastern NM yesterday. Still a ways to go until monsoons

  8. The wind blew here in Southern New Mexico several days last week and it schedule to start again this afternoon. I hate it when the wind blows! Great new header photo - I can see why you were anxious to change it.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Yes there is a fire on the border of AZ - NM keep your eyes peeled these winds are bad. glad you like the new header took the pic at Madera.

    Hello Diva,

    I'm glad I finished my running around early this morning the winds are up again.

  10. I dread the fire season my sister in CO is always at risk....I love the new header its excellent!

  11. Hi Sondra,

    Yes it is always so unsettling I have a friend there also but she lives more into the city area.

  12. In the many years I've blogged I've never had any reason to change how my blogs look. As for other things going on, expect them to get worse, and prepare for the worse.