Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Not A Nice Day

Went out early to put the clothes back in the camper so now it is all ready to go again as soon as this wind decides to go away for a long time. I had this neat thing that you could hang in a closet but I used it in my motor home to hang next to the bed for a book, glass, small reading light and a clock. It was way to big for the camper so I cut it down and sewed it together. I hope it works now and won't be so heavy. The clock went to the happy clock works in the trash I had since 2009 so it did its job. One less heavy thing for the bag to hold and don't need the little reading light anymore either.

I had to attend a meeting this morning and by time it was over at around 9 am the wind was already blowing.

I headed to Walmart Neighborhood store and did some shopping. Bought some of that micro wave rice so it just can be heated in a pan, more of the oatmeal that just needs hot water and some canned veggies for the camper. Things for the house and headed for the door.  The wind was stronger and I had to prop the door open with the shopping cart to get in the grocery's.

We are having problems with some creatures for the neighborhood around us so it was time to make calls to warn residents to be aware of the little beasts and to please just call 911 so we can catch them. Makes you wonder what kind of parents these monsters have they are nasty mouthed and yell really rude things at the people here.
At least that took up some of my time since being outdoors was just not a happening thing today with the wind.

Thank you John for the info on changing my header.

Good Night All


  1. That wind can get ya. Supposed to be really windy here tomorrow too.

  2. It's really windy here too. I'm sorry you had a bad day - I hope tomorrow will be better!

  3. Great pic.... wish I could get a great pic of those little buggers!

  4. Hello Phyllis,

    I don't remember having so much wiind except in the mountain this time of year. Maybe that's why I don't remember it being this bad here.

    Hi Diva,

    You can dust the house all day and still have it everywhere.

    Good morning John,

    Thanks for the info to make it happen.

    Hello Karen,

    They have this great feeding station for birds at Madera Canyon so it was easy. May visit there again this week.

  5. It sounds like you kept pretty busy. You did a good job of changing your header picture, and I think the bird is beautiful. Hope you wrote down the instructions for when you feel like changing it the next time.

  6. Wind keeps blowing pretty hard here as well. I don't remember having such continuing winds in the past!

  7. Hi Jo, back to the Dr. tomorrow for more meds to help with asthma and allergies, too much wind.

  8. Hi Gypsy,

    Sure did write them down. I love the shot of the hummer.

    Hello Jim,

    This wind is really making lots of folks sick. Allergy meds are flying off the shelves.

    Hi JMD,

    Hope the Dr. can find a good medication for you today. If only the winds would just die down already

  9. You figured it out!!! Great picture. I think you get 50 things done as compared to one I get done! You amaze me. Always fixing and making things better. :)

  10. Love your new header, Jo.

    Sorry about the neighborhood problems. Hope they catch the culprits.