Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Desert In Bloom

The wind was not as bad today so we headed to Green Valley for the Farmers Market. It wasn't very big as it is pretty much seasonal vendors and they are heading for higher ground. But it was nice to get out and walk around. When the clouds covered the sun it sure was chilly. I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without so no purchases were made.

We stopped at the Family Restaurant for lunch which is always very good.

I figured it was time to get some pictures of all the cacti in bloom this time of year.

 This of course is not a cactus and I was quite surprised to find it a Magnolia tree in AZ. This is the only one that had a flower the other trees had lots of buds that were large.
 Windy in this spot so blur but the color was so soft

It was a nice day to even if it was still windy but not as bad as the past few days.

Good Night All


  1. now these pics are fantastic

  2. Very good pictures. My favorite is the magnolia, as I'm not crazy about cacti or succulents. They do have some pretty flowers though.

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Thank you I think I know why some came out blurry besides having winds.

    Good Morning John,

    Thank you can't wait to go back and get the red once they bloom.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Thank you. Yes the cacti do have some brilliant colors to bad this is the only time of year you see them.

  4. I love it when the cacti bloom. Thanks for sharing your photos...

  5. Cacti in bloom, I forgot they do that! Nice pictures Jo! :)

  6. Hello Diva,

    They sure are pretty. Glad you like the pictures.

    Hi Erik,

    Thank you Erik.

  7. Wonderful pictures, Jo! I'm not a desert lover, but it sure does produce beautiful flowers and sunsets. Glad you're having a great time.

  8. Jo your pictures are terrific. We just have a couple of cactus and they are busy making small yellow flowers. When we moved here I made the mistake of trying to touch one. Well, let's just say I haven't tried that again. :-(

  9. It is so hard for me, as an easterner, to imagine all that delicate beauty on a cactus!

  10. Hi Nancy,

    Thank you. I used to love the cactus but I've been here a very long time and I'm so over it. Now I long for the green trees and lakes

    Hello JMD,

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures Yes just one touch will give you the never again memory.

    Hi Sharon,

    And as the summer grows it's hard to remember how pretty they were.

  11. Such beautiful blooms! I'm unfamiliar with cacti; have never seen one in bloom. Enjoy your blog.