Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eye Appointment And A Drive Up to Madera

Kathy was good enough to drive me to my eye apt. in Green Valley just in case they buggered out my eyes.  They didn't so I was happy about that. Said there was a slight improvement in the dry eye problem but now he said the pressure was high. My mother had Glaucoma so I will have to go back again the end of June for another follow up.

We stopped an picked up salads and headed up to Madera Canyon for a little picnic and to show Kathy around. We stopped to see the birds and the Ole Tom turkey showed up trying to attract the ladies. No luck Tom they weren't interested.

I hope Judy stops by because I have a picture of a bird I cannot ID in all my books.

Tom heading for the ladies
 Fanning out his tail. Put on quite a show for everyone gathered  around the feeding station

This is the mystery bird

These calves couldn't be more than a day old they were so tiny. The shadow was from the car I wasn't about to get out as there was a very large horned something watching us. 
 This guy was a little older and very interested in us

Good Night All


  1. The mystery picture seems to be some kind of bird.

  2. I am waiting to see what Judy says but could the bird be a towhee?

  3. The mystery bird is in our yard also. Let us know if you can identify it.

  4. Looks like a Black-headed grosbeak to me... it's a western bird and would be in your area.

  5. Black-headed grosbeak it is! :)

  6. Good morning John,

    Very good guess you win! I don't know what the prize is yet.

    Hello Karen or Al,

    I don't see a towhee in the guide book either. I'll look through my bigger book latter today.

    Hi JMD,

    You have one too? This is interesting. Odd Essay seems to have it Black-headed grosbeak. I found it in the larger Arizona bird book.

    Hi Odd Essay,

    I thank you. I need to get back up there I saw a Summer Tanager but he was to fast for me to shoot. Also the Elegant Trogon was there yesterday but I couldn't see him only hear it.

  7. John Hedges cracked me up with his reply. Great pictures, Jo! Judith comes through again! Judy, do you just know them or do you have books? I have a neat ap on my phone that does bird calls. One bird actually responded by landing on my hand once! It was a tufted titmouse. I'll play it when I'm sifting outside every now and then, and it's amazing how many birds come a' a"flying. :)

  8. Great shots! Love the tom turkey and the grosbeak, nice color on him!!

  9. It's a pretty bird and I'm glad to know what it is.

  10. Yes, we have several and a Lulji Bunting, three of them and they eat and drink here several times a day! So beautiful, love the bright colors of the birds.

  11. Hi Judy,

    Thank you.

    Hi Nancy,

    Yes leave it to John to make jokes. hahah
    I have a few books I only know a few that are familiar around here or some I have seen many times at other places. Your app sounds like fun.

    Hi Sondra,

    I got all excited when I took the shot as I thought it might be the Elegant Trogon but the colors were far to muted to be him. Tom wasn't doing so well with the ladies.

    Hello Gypsy,

    It's nice that some readers are very good at this bird stuff.

    HI JMD,

    You have some great birds in your area. Some of the colors on these birds are so beautiful