Friday, May 9, 2014

Some What Nice Day

It was a little chilly at first walks this morning. It warmed up nice and after turning on the dishwasher I went out and cleaned up the porch. Turned on the fountain and enjoyed some time outdoors.  

After the dishwasher finished I did a few loads of laundry and sat out until the breeze started to pick up once again.  But I had lots of laundry to fold and put away so that was it for the outdoors.

Other than that not much else going on.

Good Night All


  1. What an exciting day, washing dishes and folding laundry. How do you stand all the excitement?

  2. The wind is a nightmare for my allergies. Finally broke down and make an appt. to see an allergist. I would rather get the constant sneezing, coughing, and miserable feeling dealt with than continue this way. Hope it works!!

  3. Good morning John,

    Not fun at all glad it doesn't happen often.

    Hello JMD,

    So sorry to hear your suffering so much. Good move with the Allergist.

  4. Getting caught up ... beautiful new header ... glad John helped ya... beautiful photos period, Jo... Madera was beautiful! nasty wind! I've got wiregrass roun heah! hacked for three nights and days ....

    I wasn't in the desert when all the blooming was going on ... really pretty!

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I read about your wiregrass nasty bit of stuff you have. The weather was so beautiful until that wind hit in the wee hours of the morning thurs.. At least we had 4 days of great weather before