Friday, May 16, 2014

Its Here, It's Here

At 6:30 am I knew it was going to be a hot one.

Barb and I had plans to go out to lunch today and wander around some different stores.  We took off at 11 and headed to the north side of town. Our first stop was at a place that was one of the first outdoor Malls in Tucson. It has now grown into a very expensive and large place.  We stopped in a store and I was getting hives from the price tags. It was way to hot to walk around out there so we left and went to Apple Bee's for lunch. I had a shrimp salad it was sooo good.

We then headed to an indoor mall and walked around a little. They had a Kirkland's store and I love those stores. I picked up and ocean scented candle. I have it on a candle warmer right here next to me. 

We found a kitchen store and browsed around in there. I found a folding mixing bowl and a very small flipper for eggs to go with my very small camping fry pan the bowl will also replace the bowl in my camping supplies. These two items will help keep the tote from being over filled.

I couldn't wait to get home it was really hot and when I put the news on it had hit 100 today for a few minutes. Lets face it if it was a few minutes or the entire day it was too damn hot. So yes it's here! :(P

My mothers day rose is just about finished and I thought it looked so beautiful 

Stay cool

Good Night All


  1. I think 100 degrees is unbearable! We've had some days in the high 90's but tomorrow we start getting cooler. I'll feel much better, I know. I hope you publish some pictures of the inside of your camper when you get it all loaded up and ready to go. You've been refining the contents for a while and should be pretty efficient by now.

  2. Good morning John,

    I wish I could have another eye apt. the end of June.

    Hello Gypsy.

    I so hate these temps. So all activity will be very early morning from here on in..

    I meant to take pictures the last time I loaded up and of course forgot with the excitement of leaving.

  3. The hills get my vote too. It actually hit 80 here for the first time this Spring....much more bearable.

  4. 80 and 90 are my Spring temps here and I don't want to even mention the Summer I think we are going to have!

  5. Hello Karen,

    I wish I could get there but not yet. The temps up on the mountain are low to mid 70's.

    Hi Jim,

    At least your still keeping it down there but yes hate to think what is to come with the summer.

  6. We've been lucky the past few days a cold front pushed rain in by the buckets and now its so nice I'm loving it wish it would last!

  7. Hi Sondra,

    Rain, rain what is rain? Happy to hear you had some and a cold front to go with it.

  8. Groan, I hate it. When the time comes (and I'm not hurrying it) that I can head out, I don't think I'll ever come back here. I always wanted to spend a winter on the Oregon Coast, then I'd probably head to the mountains of Idaho and Montana for cool or maybe I'd just stay on the coast!

  9. Hello Nancy,

    I have so many thoughts racing through my head about what to do. It's so hard to sit here and not be able to go. The coast sound so wonderful. Was watching something today about the east coast and the damage from the hurricane last year but I remember spending my summers on those beaches as a kid. And i could just feel and smell it.