Saturday, May 17, 2014

Got It Done

As soon as I got up and brushed my teeth and dressed I headed out the door about 5:45 am  Shoveled the dirt into a garbage bag, but I couldn't cut the bottom of the pot out I needed another body and I didn't have one. So I just put the Bougainvillea into the pot. I watered it really good as the dirt in the pot was very dry. I was done and in the house by 6:30. 

It was coffee time and checking things online. I then took another cup of coffee and headed out to the porch. Got that swept and cleaned up. I read a few chapters. I kept jumping up and down moving things and clipping dead flowers off plants. By 10:30 it was hot.  All the dirty jobs were done so I headed for the house and a shower.

Stripped down the bed and laundered all of that and then did 2 loads of clothes. In between all the laundry I cut up some mini peppers and onions and got those cooking.

I guess that might be a routine now. Early out on the porch and then projects in the house. I will need to look for some kindle books to add on so I have some reading material.

Picked this up at Family Dollar the other day. It hags as it is here or it came with a stand I like it hanging 

Good Night All


  1. You sound like the old farmer planting by the moon. Anything I planted would be dead by now.

  2. Is that a hanging bird bath? It is gorgeous!

  3. Very pretty floral birdbath. I download free kindle books from a few different websites.

  4. you found one its beautiful the birds really need something in this heat, I bet they love it.

  5. Good Morning John,

    I won't bag much about my planting skills killed off a few things already this spring..

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes it is or it also comes with a stake to screw into the bottom to put in the ground. I like it hanging for now. Family Dollar store or Big Lot's.

    Hi Teri,

    I will look other places too.

    Hey Lucy,

    Are you still having phone problems?

    I know they need some place to get water in the miserable heat.
    We should be in the mountains.

  6. Sounds like a lot of us - sit down to read, see something that needs to be done, jump up. Then sit down to read, see something that needs to be done, jump up, Then sit down....... and on it goes.

  7. Today is going to be really windy here about 22 mph. Geesh. Really like the bird bath and of course your bougainvillea. Nice. It makes me wish I could have save our two. I have managed to grow salvia around our only tree in the backyard and that looks real friskie. ;-)

  8. We have more rain today and its cool I'm waiting on company to arrive from TN cooking, and getting the house ready.
    Love the Bougainvillea its very pretty!

  9. Hello Phyllis,

    Yep you have hit it the nail on the head.

    Hi JMD,

    I haven't checked the weather yet for today it gets me down. Plenty warm already.
    Keeping my fingers crossed the bougainvillea makes it.

    Hi Sondra,

    Company can be fun. Enjoy and hope you don't get to much rain.

  10. The bougainvillea is beautiful! And I love the birdbath. Have the birds discovered it yet? Looking forward to seeing pictures of bathing birds! :)

  11. Sounds like you have a routine down that is working out well. Good for you!

    I like the bird bath hanging as well!

  12. Hello Sharon,

    I hope it lives my grandson is coming tomorrow and will try to cut some of the bottom of the pot away so the root can take hold in the ground. It has been so hot that the water just evaporates in no time flat.

    Hi Jim,

    Have to beat this heat so must get things done early.

    Glad you like the bird bath.