Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cooler Today

It was 1 degree cooler today yippee.  Sprayed a few weeds and then realized how many spider webs there were. So off to the shed for bug spray and did a complete go round of the house did the bottom and the top. These were some big webs with holes in the middle. No small spider made these webs.

Sat out and read for awhile. And took some pictures of visiting birds.

 I believe there are 2 males but different breeds. Still have not seen females

Came to have lunch and Walgreen's called to pick up some meds. So off I went but came right back home as the wind started to pick up again.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend

Good Night All


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  2. A day of killing critters, both the green stuff and the eight legged stuff. Nothings safe when you're in the attack mode

  3. Good morning John,

    Nope nothing sure don't want those 8 legged critters coming into the house. weeds aren't bad they seem to have gotten the hint to stay away.

  4. Wish we had the humming bird with the purple head. How beautiful.

    When we moved here I didn't know about tarantulas?! Wow, found one in the house and used an entire can of spider spray to murder it. HA! Then I was told they were harmless...probably won't do that again but I did learn I can jump real high. ;-)

  5. Maybe if you keep the feeders going they might come.

    As for the tarantulas try to catch them in a container with a lid and take them outside for release. Tarantulas are good for eating scorpions which are very dangerous and hurt like the dickens for days and other creepy crawly things.

    I bet you jumped pretty high lol I did that once over a snake.