Monday, May 19, 2014

Face Lift

Today my grandson came over to help with some chores.  It was warm but there was a nice breeze so it wasn't to bad to work outdoors.

First we brought the Weeping Fig out on the porch to transplant it into it's new pot. I hope it will be happy. As Anthony was digging it out of the old pot it kept falling apart and final it fell apart on one side and the dirt started falling out. But he got the tree out and into the new pot and we had to add quite a bit of dirt.

Next was the back yard.  I held the pot tipped so Anthony could cut some of the bottom out and yep there was a scorpion under there. He didn't live long.  
There used to be a tree in the yard that I had cut down because there wasn't any room in the yard for it and it was ruining the side of my house.  But they left this big ugly stump that is still not rotting enough to get it out. I had used some cement blocks to hold up the Shepard's hook and it really looked like crap. There were also some pots that haven't been used in years and the sun had done a job on them. I really hated the mess but didn't know what to do with the dirt. Today that problem was solved and the pots are now ready for garbage day. I am so happy with the job Anthony did for me today.

The new pot and yes those are Fred's toys it's his room.
 All cleaned up and the Coyote finally had a home. I stuck the owl on part of the tree stump for camouflage 

All the dirt from the other pots went into this one and Anthony put the Shepard's hook there after removing from the tree stump spot. He still had to put the to blocks to hold in place but at least it isn't all piled like before with blocks and pieces of broken wood.
Oh and that is the face lift the Yards not mine.
Good Night All


  1. Very tidy! I spent the day tethered in the kitchen...:-(

  2. Looks great -- good job ya'll!

  3. Everything looks so nice. Can I borrow Anthony?

  4. There use to be a product called Root Rot that you pour on stumps and it rotted them away pretty fast IIRC.

  5. You have done a great work with your grandson. All the place looks good!

  6. Hello JMD,

    I did that the other day. Today we are supposed to get high winds again so I will spend the afternoon shredding and what ever else I can get into in the house..

    Hi Cyn,

    Don't now what I would do with out that kid's kelp.

    Hello Gypsy,

    If you didn't live so far he would work for you. He is quite the worker and has a good head on his shoulders for detail.

    Hi Nancy,

    When they cut the tree down I used that stuff and it didn't do the job, but at least it kept it from growning again as these trees have a tendency to do . I think I will give it another try.

    Hi Weekender,

    Thank You.

  7. Looks very nice and comfortable.

  8. haha... when I read your title ... I thought! surely not... glad it was your yard and not you! looks very good! love those weeping figs...

    good morning, Jo ;)

  9. Good morning John,

    Figured if I have to hang around here for a while then get things done and be able to enjoy sitting out in the mornings.

    Hi Carolyn,

    HAHA I thought that might make someone think that. Not me I have seen women after that surgery and I am not that vain it is what it is.

    I have 2 weeping figs. The one that was transplanted was just a little bush thing , that tree is about 20 yrs old wow I just realized that. the other one someone rescued from party house. People where using its pot to put there cigs out in. It was so sad looking but has turned into a grand tree now.

  10. Good Job!! It very neat and tidy my yard is like an overgrown jungle!

  11. Hi Sondra,

    Your yard doesn't look bad in pictures. I have a few more ideas but they will have to wait for a bit.