Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Fires Have Started

This is not going to be a good summer if the rains don't come soon. Sedona, has a really bad fire going on. Can't get it under control because of all this awful wind. It is very beautiful country up there. Tall pines  and beautiful color mountains.  

I drove up Oak Creek Canyon on my first really big trip in my Class C. We had pulled over to stop for breakfast in the area as I missed my turn and was having a bad trip up to that point due to many detours.  Those very old and historical buildings have had to be evacuated. Over 100 business' in the area have been evacuated and many campgrounds and homes had to be evacuated earlier at the onset of this fire 3 days ago.  There are fires in Sierra Vista also. Some have been set by some fools thinking maybe it was fun. What is wrong with people these days. Warnings have been out for months already about the very high fire danger. 

I hope everyone will be safe and especially the Fire Crews. I pray you all return home to your families safe.

This is where we stopped before heading up the Canyon these beautiful and historic buildings are in the line of fire 

Please be aware of what you are doing. Don't throw lit cigarettes out your windows, makes sure all your fires are dead out, watch for your sparks and don't drive over dead grasses. 

Each year we are loosing more an more of our beautiful forests due to carelessness. If you love our countries forests learn to protect them.

Good Night All


  1. The air is thick with smoke and the smell of the fire. From where we are we can see gigantic plumes of smoke above the mesas. Not off to a great start, eh?

  2. With the lack of rain you know this is going to be another bad fire season. I too pray for the safety of the fire crews.

  3. I worry about the fires in CA, and I even worry about staying in a remote campground - there are always some idiot guys who think a bonfire reaching the trees is so much fun. And then the people who leave fires smoldering in the fire pits when they check out. What is wrong with people!

  4. Sounds like rain is coming the next 3 to 4 days. Across northern Az, and New Mexico. Hopefully we get a lot of it!

  5. We've been to campgrounds where people leave campfires smothering. Some times we've put it out or if not, notify the host/ranger.

    Praying for rain.

  6. Hello JMD,

    I bet your are getting plenty of smoke and ash. When I first started going up north I was told to always keep my gas tank full in case of evacuation.

    Good morning John,

    Yes a very bad summer maybe it's best I am staying home until we see some rain or that should be lots of rain and lots of prayers for the Fire Fighters.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I agree with these nuts who just have to see how big a fire they can build. They have the minds of children not adults. All the fires in AZ. have been human caused.

    Hi Ryan,

    I sure hope it comes but without the lightening. From your pictures you seem to still be in mostly desert. Stay safe. I know you have been doing this for quite sometime and know the dangers and what to look for.

    Hello Phillis,

    They never learn learn. I don't think the punishment for their crimes is harsh enough. They should be given huge fines and made to work the fire areas for years replanting at their own cost.

  7. Always seem to be some real jerks out there that refuse ti act responsibly. It's a shame!

  8. Jo, this is a picture of Mingus Mountain this morning, later it disappeared altogether.

  9. I saw on the Arizona Highways page that 4,500 acres have burned and containment is at zero so far! I hope the rain comes quickly and puts this fire out!!

  10. I drove down to Stanley ID through fires that were cropping up all over. The jumpers had camps and they were working along the roads. I had to stop in ranger stations to see if I could continue on the road. Boy, they work hard. My appreciation goes out to them--the are heroes in my book.

  11. Hi Jim my Special One,

    It so sad and I doubt they learn anything from this or it wouldn't continue to happen.

    Hello JMD,

    The address didn't work but I bet you are really having a bad time with your allergies right now.

    Hi Sondra,

    The fire has spread way beyond that today these winds are terrible today and gust are up to 40 mph it will have to rain like hell to help fight this fire.

    Hi Nancy,

    Yes they do work hard and are very dedicated to the cause. And then when they refuse to pay the families who lost their family members because they only did this part time makes me sick. Safe travels to you.


    Hopefully this worked, sorry, having issues

  13. It's crazy that people act like that. They cause so much destruction and every injury or death to residents and fire fighters. I hope the winds stop and the rains come soon enough to help.