Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wind And More Wind

It was a great morning. I cut down a desert broom on the empty house next door and gave it a good weed killer spraying. Figured better enjoy what little bit of outdoor we would be having today so Fred and I hit the porch. Read some of my book and played catch with Fred. And enjoyed my coffee.

Didn't take long for the wind to come up and come up it did. I was sure thinking I was going to have some kind of wind damage but luckily not.

The fire situation is getting much worse up north. There is a new fire in Payson started my an idiot with a camp fire after they have be restricted.

They say tomorrow the winds will be calmer and still reporting some humidity that should help too.

I cooked up some shrimp today to see how it would taste made with Soy sauce and garlic it was good and I will serve that with a stuffed tomato for lunch Sat.

Finally did the shredding  but to late for the trash pick up. No big deal.

Good Night All


  1. More fires are started by idiots than lightning which to me is really a sad thing.

  2. Good morning John,

    Yes and I hear other States are now having the same problems. Like I said before the penalty is just not harsh enough.

  3. I am "so" ready for the winds to stop blowing so much. The shrimp sound good - I have some frozen from Puerto Penasco so I'll try it!

  4. Hello Diva,

    I had it made that way at a restaurant no to long ago and I loved it. Sometimes when you try to make it isn't all that good but this did come out that well. I also used rice vinegar almost forgot about that

  5. I agree there should be a very stiff penalty for anyone who starts a fire when there's danger of fire. I worry about people in the fire's path, but I really worry about the fire fighters. No easy job for these heroes. You stay safe and give Fred a pat on the head from Jack and me.

  6. Hello Nancy,

    I am not making any plans at this point to head up the mountain. We all pray for rain that is supposed to come tomorrow but they don't think it will help and of course lightening will not be good.

    I remember meeting some guys for a hot shot crew back during the Wallow Fire in AZ and NM. These Fire Fighters had such a great sense of humor even though they were covered in ash and soot. Yes they are true heroes.