Sunday, May 11, 2014

What A Great Day!

Hope all you moms either with children or pets had a wonderful Mothers Day!

I ran out to Safeway early this morning to get Debbie her yellow roses. The store was already a mad house. Of course not enough registers opened but I got out and got home and put some water in the bag.  

We had a toast an peanut butter breakfast and then sat on the porch. But then came the wind. So we took a ride to check out some old neighborhoods we lived in and where some friends lived. Some neighborhoods look so bad and some improved.  We came back to the house and enjoyed a salad for lunch and sat around just talking about anything that came up, past, present and future. I sent her home with some other things besides her roses.  And Debbie gave me yellow tea roses. Maybe if it isn't windy tomorrow I will plant them in a bigger pot and plant the ones I bought yesterday. OH and she gave me a Cadbury bar I stanched in the fridge.

These are the earring's Tracy gave me one is in my ear and of course the breakfast she took me too.
 My Tea Roses from Debbie

I bought these for me yesterday

The wind proceeded to get very strong and the mountains were barely visible. When is this going to stop?

Good Night All


  1. The wind was howling so loud at 2am it woke me up, I sat and listened to it until about 4am and then went back to bed. Today was crazy windy so I hid inside. :-(

    The flowers are so pretty and really like the earrings. Safeway here never has enough checkers and I avoid the store like the plague. Drives me batty. Fry's seems to have enough checkers and we can get in and out in record time, fortunately.

    When we moved here we had the most pathetic yard of anyone in the neighborhood. Three neglected rose bushes out front and after 2 years I had them looking really good and then the deer came and destroyed them! Gave up with roses out front.

  2. Looks like the day was good to you, Happy Mothers Day.

  3. I love the earrings and the tea roses. Glad you had good company to celebrate with.

  4. Nice to see the gifts. You had a good day celebration on mothers day!

  5. Hi JMD,

    I always grew tea roses, Had several colors but some froze one winter and I think I went away for a few weeks and the watering system failed. I tried a few more times with no luck. So I will try this one and see how it works.

    My friend has a beautiful yard but the deer eat her flowers all the time. She started planting flower they don't like.

    Good morning John,

    I did it was a wonderful day thank you.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes I celebrated for 2 days it was really nice.

    Hello Weekend,

    Yes I did.

  6. Glad that you had a good day. The flowers are really nice!

  7. Hello Jim,

    Thank You can't wait to plant them.

  8. Jo, I am wearing an almost identical pair or earrings right now! I hope you like them as well as I like mine.

    And the flowers are lovely!

  9. Hi Sharon,

    I love them I only have 2 piercings in one ear and that's where I put it in the second one. Lost the last one camping had on a fleece jacket or maybe the beanie I was wearing pulled it out. :(