Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Night Shots

I planted my Tea Rose and of course I forgot what the name of the purple an lavender flowers are called. Then I got bored and Barb and I went to Lowe's to check out Bougainvillea plants. I want to plant it at the end of the porch on the ground. Would love for it to grow up the awning support and create a natural shade which will make the porch cooler.

Also picked up a pot so I can transplant the weeping fig tree in my spare bedroom. The pot is starting to fall apart and I'm afraid it will blow out and dirt will be all over the place.

Picked up a new cushion for one of the wicker chairs so now I have matching sets for the 2 chairs.

Made a turkey loaf tonight and will cut it up and bag it for the freezer.
I took the rose out of it's little pot and put it in this one. the pot has butterflies on it so I found this little plant stake and stuck in.

 The Bougainvillea Will go into the pot to the left. I want to cut the bottom of the pot out so the roots can grow into the ground and help it grow and establish a better root system

And that's all for tonight

Good Night All


  1. With the title 'night shots' I thought you were doing drinks on the porch.

  2. You certainly do know your plants. I bought a butter fly house at the fair on Sunday. Now, I have no idea whether butterflies actually use a house, but it's pretty. I should take a picture of it. I can't have a birdhouse outside because the cat next door is an excellent "hunter" and I don't want to provide the prey. I was hoping the owner would agree to a bell in as much it has a food supply, but nope.

  3. I wish I could grow a couple of bougainvillea plants along the side of my porch, but I think Sacramento is probably a little too far north for that plant. I hope you show us some pictures of it as it's growing.

  4. Plants have grown well and do their flowers. Lavender butterfly looks very beautiful!

  5. Good morning John,

    If this wind ever quits I might just get around to that pleasure. Well I might if I drank.

    Hi Nancy,

    Cat's are not allowed to roam free here in the Village. We had so many problems with them. people like you neighbor and NOT good neighbors.
    Can't wait to see pictures of your butterfly house. Fred says hello to Jack.

    Hi Gyspy,

    Why wouldn't they grow? It isn't hotter than here or is it to cold in the winter? They will freeze but then they grow back in the spring. Also they are messy but I love them. Just hope this one makes it.

    Hello Weekend,

    Thank you.

  6. Let me know if your bougainvillea makes it through the winter. I had two that I had managed to grow quite large but died after the cold got to them during the winter. :-(

  7. Hi JMD,

    I hope this one makes it I have tried a few times before. Some of my neighbors have them and they are beautiful. One cuts her back every fall and it comes right back. I will cover it if we get warnings of a freeze for sure.

  8. Beautiful flowers -- especially the bougainvilla!

  9. Hello Sharon,

    Thank you hope there is no wind tomorrow so I can plant them. Winds seem to be calming down lets hope it just goes away already

  10. pretty flowers! hiss on the wind!

    nighty night ;)