Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What A Long Day

Wind woke me up about 2:30 am it was howling like mad and I kept hearing the awning making creepy noises. I feel back to sleep and again the wind woke me up. It was like that until I finally gave up about 5:55 am got dressed and brushed my teeth. Took Fred out and even he wasn't happy about the wind. 

Needles to say we stayed indoors all day.  Just opened the door and ran to the side yard to let Fred out.  It slowed down some late this afternoon. But the air was so dirty you didn't want to be out there at all.

The name of the purple flowers is Dianthus. And of course the Bougainvillea didn't get transplanted but I did water it.

I did some dusting and it sure didn't last long with the wind so I gave up and experimented with the lacy scarves using to skeins at a time. It was hard and I wonder if I had to the same kind if it would be easier. It's worth a try. 

The weather is supposed to be really nice tomorrow and I am going to visit my friend Terry and her now home for lunch.

Good Night All


  1. If this wind keeps up you're going to wake up in New Mexico one day.

  2. I hate it when the wind blows, and you are right - everything gets so dirty from the blowing dust.

  3. Need to be careful when there is a strong wind blowing!

  4. Finally had calm day over in these parts.Been a windy spring in the southwest.

  5. Good morning John,

    I believe that for sure.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Today is supposed to be calm we shall see. You can just smell the dust everywhere. Been using the a/c in the house and truck to keep from breathing all this junk in. Valley Fever weather.

    Hi Weekend,

    Yes in these parts must be very careful.

    Hello Ryan,

    Should be here too. I know it can be really windy up north this time of year but I think it's enough now.

  6. hi texed you this morn but in afternoon said its not working again hope all is good

  7. hi texed you this morn but in afternoon said its not working again hope all is good

  8. Hey Lucy,

    Did you get mine? I don't remember you having this much trouble with the old phone.