Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Almost Forgot

I had answered a comment and then went off to read some blogs. Then it dawned on me I didn't post anything. Not like there is much to post.

I did make it to Walmart today. I picked up some nice fruits and a few other groceries. Also picked up a pair of shorts in red. I have 3 pr. of denim and 2 pr beige so I figured another color might be a good idea so people don't think I never change my shorts.

I got home by 11:30 and it's a good thing because I forgot to fix the thermostat before I left and it was 92 in here. In the mornings I like to turn it high and open the windows and door to let in some fresh air while I sit out on the porch to drink coffee.

I didn't do much else today but tomorrow I will put the crock pot on to make some Cheesy, green chili and mushroom  Chicken. 

Not much else planned at this point.

Good Night All


  1. The air in Mel has to be started 1st thing in the AM or it will run all day.

  2. I'm lucky that I don't have to turn on my swamp cooler until afternoon. I haven't even had to use it the past few days, but we're getting several days over 100. I don't know when I'll get camping but I hope soon.

  3. Good morning John,

    It took a long time for the a/c to catch up yesterday better never forget to turn it down again when I leave in the morning.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I had a swamp cooler but it always gave me trouble. But they sure are cheap to run. But once the humidity hits they aren't worth a darn may put in a new one someday.

  4. LOL, too funny about the different colored pair of shorts. Gave me a good laugh. I did manage to get near the crock pot and made a cheesy hamburger casserole for the man. He was happy so it worked. We were 102 yesterday and today is looking about the same. :-(

  5. Hi JMD,

    I am getting ready to go insane. Not really but truing to stay busy in the house.

    1. I understand. Let's just say I have several areas in the house that are sparkling! The bright area in the sky to the north of you, just may be our home. lol

      (I wish :_))

  6. Well, I guess we are just in for being baked until fall comes again. Sure wish I weren't afraid to drive in the mountains!

  7. Hi Sharon,

    Well I'm getting closer to not being able to stick around. This heat is awful and I'm not used to it anymore.

    Happy camping to you