Monday, June 2, 2014

It Was A Cooking Day

Did not have to much porch time today. It got hot really early.

So I figured it was a good day to cook up some stuff. Made a Salmon salad so tomorrow I will make a stuffed tomato like to let all the flavors mix together. Then put on the crock pot of mixes beans, carrots a few mini bell peppers, onion a small potato and seasonings. Got lots of bowls of that for freezing and some in the fridge.
Made up to breakfasts of Churchill Cottage Cheese pancakes to be frozen for future use. 

Did some reading and then watched TV.

Tomorrow morning I will go shopping very early to pick up a few things. Don't need much but sure will be sure to pick up fruit.
Didn't go this morning.

Sprinkled some cheese on top

Cooled and ready to freeze

Tomorrow the same 
I guess I need to fix the date on the camera this was taken today 6/2

Good Night All


  1. Geesh, it was 104 here today. Maybe tomorrow I will drag out the crock pot and fix something for the man. Today, sandwiches...

    Got my tests for allergies, looks like I am the winner. Twenty six allergic reactions to 38 of the most common causes here. Hmmph!

  2. I'm always glad when I cook food that I can pull up when I don't feel like cooking. Just getting started is my biggest problem though. Yours looks very tasty.

  3. Good morning John,

    A tad.

    Hi JMD,

    Sorry about your tests. Had those when I was a kid and I was allergic to just about everything. All those tests didn't help much I still have the problems.

    Sandwiches down't sound so bad at least they don't have to be cooked. Crock pot cooking for the summer is the best way if you have to cook.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I like not having to cook too. But I have to so something being stuck in the house.

  4. yummy looking food! that mercury rising is not pretty...I dread it so, and hope it stays cooler this summer...*knocks on good wood*

  5. Hi Sondra,

    Thanks the beans are sooo good had some tonight. Mercury in NOT pretty for sure.

    I just don't know now much I can handle before I jump in the truck and head north.