Sunday, June 22, 2014

Got Out

It was a nice morning to get out early. I picked up my daughter Tracy and we went to breakfast. After breakfast we went to Walmart and she picked up some test trips and a few other items. I bought shampoo for the floor machine and a new bed for Fred. His other bed was his first one when I brought him home. It had been washed so many times it kind of gave up the farm.  He wasn't so sure about it at first but lazy boy that he is decided to give it a try.  I guess it passed cause he stayed in it for quite some time.

It was a hot one today so I just said heck with it all and just sat and read for quite sometime. Then watched some TV what little there is to watch. Then played solitaire.  

I took some things out to the shed and let me tell you it was hard to even breath it was so hot.  I knew Fred needed to go out but he sure was reluctant to get out there. So he did quick work of it and ran to the porch to go back in.

Good Night All


  1. I think most dogs love a new bed. When I used to bring Lady from NC to CA to visit family, 3 other dogs would take turns trying out her bed as soon as I set it down on the floor. One of them, an old arthritic English Bulldog would pull her bed on top of his and then plop down in the middle - it must have felt pretty cushy because he loved it.

  2. Glad Fred is happy with the new bed. I'm sure he would have come around when the nap urge hit.

  3. Hello Gypsy,

    That story is just so wonderful about the old dog. Now they have memory foam for dog beds too for just that reason. Must have been comical.

    Good Morning John,

    Yep Fred is the big napper for sure.

  4. Hi Jo, I think today is suppose to be a bit cooler. Been a sweaty mess here. What direction does your bougainvillea face? The ones I had last year faced sort of WS but I think we get colder than your area in the winter? Maybe that is what murdered mine...I still miss them but I can't afford to keep buying plants to throw away. :-(

  5. I dont blame Fred!! I
    m having trouble with my Blog reader it is not showing when my blog buddies update--ever had that problem? It shows only ONE persons update and not all my blog roll~

  6. Jack sleeps on piles of beds--like the fairy tale about "The Princess and the Pea". :) I've been watching my son's pup, Bogey, for a few weeks. Jack will look out the door before he decides to go out. Usually, Bogey just charges out, but he's learning to tell me, "No way. It's too hot!"

    Miserable here in the 90s with humidity although storms have cooled it down a bit--but they do a job on my back.

  7. Hi JMD,

    Mine face west. I think that's how I lost my last one too. I'm going to go to Good Will and get some old blankets to cover them up this winter. My neighbor cuts her's way back in the fall and they come right back. But since mine is in a pot they told me to cover the pot really good to keep the roots from freezing.

    Hi Sondra,

    I don't keep a the update things I have enough trouble figuring out the regular stuff. haha I see I don't have anything much on the side bars.

    Hello Nancy,

    I bet that feels good on Jack's bones. Is Bogey still so wild? My grandson has a black lab and she is crazy. they told him when she is fixed she will calm down. Nope sure didn't and even broke some of her stitches. Chloe has such a beautiful coat sometime she looks brown.

    I know the humidity is on its way and it still will be in the 100.