Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rug Done

After enjoying coffee on the porch I got started.

I doubled the shampoo and went to work.  I couldn't believe how clean it looked right away. I went over the lines in the hall and they came out better but are still visible. I think the problem there is you can't go into a sideways movement because the hall is to narrow. When I encountered a similar problem stain in another area I was able to go into a different direction and the stain came out. Just glad it's finished and I feel good about it.

Tomorrow I am going to breakfast with Tracy and then I will shampoo the chair. Or maybe I'll do it before I go. It shouldn't take to long to get it done.

It was another hot one today. And will be for the rest of the week and I'm sure beyond.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend

Good Night All


  1. You are just too doggone enthusiastic with getting all the rugs and furniture cleaned, and you put me to shame!

  2. Unfortunately I looked at the forecast and let's just say it is not encouraging! Hotter than blazes here, the cat just plain nasty about how hot he was. ;-0

  3. Doesn't it feel good to get that job done?

    I shampooed the truck seats a couple of weeks ago. Was amazed at how much dirt came out of them, but was happy with how clean they looked afterward.

  4. Hello Gypsy,

    The rugs where really nasty and with babies coming It just had to be done. Not to mention how I hated the dirt. I should never have put in carpet and went with the hardwood or the cheaper stuff. But I feel so much better about it now and the chair is my favorite so the arms and the ottoman are filthy too from lotion.

    Hi JMD,

    I did too and they never tell the truth about how hot it REALLY IS!

    Hello Sharon,

    It's amazing how dirty things get. I remember when I smoked and I cleaned the car seats, that was worse than dirt.
    Well now that I have a machine again I will get it done more often so it won't be so bad.

  5. Feels good to have that dreaded job over with I'm sure..

  6. Hi Sondra,
    Yes it does, they rug feels so soft and fluffy again.