Friday, June 6, 2014

Have nothing

I pulled a muscle in my back some how. So I really didn't do much today at all. Did sit out until 10 am then came in and did a few things but mostly just took it easy.

I think tomorrow I will be going somewhere or I will start climbing the walls. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Only about 102

Last night I plugged my Kindle into the computer and what ever it needed to fix it fixed it.  Sure am happy about that. I had put in a chat a few weeks ago when I started having a problem with it not shutting off. Some one answered that that is fine. Really I mean Really.  If a Kindle starts acting up and someone tries to tell you that ignore them. I hope no one else has a problem but try plugging it into your computer first.

Have a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning John,

      Thanks I sure will give it my best shot

  2. 102! Ugh. Glad your Kindle is working okay. Plugging it in may have provided an update that fixed what ever was bothering it. Take care of your back. Hope you're feeling better as I write this, Jo.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I'm happy too because I am reading a really good book and I'm almost finished..

      Back is much better today thank you

  3. We've had some muggy weather this past we are in a pattern of hit and miss showers...they rumble around ans sometimes we get rain and sometimes we don't. Hope your back feels better, I'm being very lazy today so far!! I really got to get moving!

    1. Hi Sondra,

      When the monsoons get here it will be awful with the high heat and humidity so glad to have a/c.
      did my moving around this morning now it's hot and I'm home and done.

  4. Jo, back muscle issues are no fun, hope it feels better and fast. Finally saw a purple headed hummingbird but I couldn't tell which one it was. Maybe it will be back so I can get a better look?

  5. Hello JMD,

    Much better today.
    Purple throat can fool you until the sun hits it. But they are so beautiful in the sun. Hope he comes back around so you can figure it out.