Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reached A Friend In Greer

I sent a text to Lucy this morning but haven't heard back from her today. The first time I called Bobbie they said the lines were busy.  So I called her other number and she answered. Bobbie lives in Greer in the summer. She said the smoke can be bad but the fire is going in the other direction. 

I recognized some of the places the pictures where taken and the smoke makes it look a lot closer than it is. And if they haven't called for a be ready to evacuate then they must think it will not reach the town of Pinetop. I pray all will be safe and the homes that have been evacuated in Vernon will be spared this fire. 

I finally went for a hair cut this morning and so far so good. If I didn't have to wax it up after I washed it at home it must be a good hair cut.

Today according to my thermometers it was 110. Didn't move much today again. Did do a small load of laundry and a few other things to keep me moving some. But sure did a lot of reading.

Remember don't throw cigarettes out the car windows or on the dry ground be weary of wind and campfires PLEASE!

Good Night All


  1. I hope everyone managed to get out of the way of the fire. Sure can do a lot of damage.

  2. Hi Jim, My Friend,

    So far no homes lost but it's getting close. Many left on their own and some had to be told to leave. More are on high alert and are ready to move out.