Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Monsoon

It rained all night a nice gentle rain. I know those who read here all the time know Fred, doesn't like water so he sure doesn't like rain. I heard the rain had stopped so I jumped up and took him out. He kept smelling the air and I had to get him going as it looked like it would start again any minute. Even thought it rained all night my plant still wasn't very well watered so I gave it a good drink and we headed back in.

It has been so dry here that I was using lotion a couple times a day. This morning when I got up I felt like a grease ball. As soon as we came in I headed for the shower. Then stripped the bed down and did some laundry. So I will shower again before bed and crawl into a nice clean crisp bed. 

I was going through the little case I carry with me when I travel with important papers to find my title and Fred's records. That lead to lots of shredding and a good clean out.

This is going to be a busy week coming up. My niece is coming in tomorrow and I haven't seen her in about 30 yrs and have never met her daughters. Tomorrow Debbie and I will go to breakfast and also go to Best Buy for printer ink.  In the afternoon I will go see my niece, her husband and her girls.  Monday we are going out to lunch and Tues. I'm going to Green Valley with my friends. Wed. Fred see's the vet for his check up and later in the afternoon I will change my address on the truck title.

Hope I can get in at Sandy's RV to see about getting a deep cycle battery installed some how and to change out the handle on to the camper so I don't have repeat of being locked in. Next on the list is getting the oil changed and see what else needs to be done on the truck.

It is raining again the soft drizzle like last night.

Good Night All


  1. And have you left any room in that busy schedule to take a deep breath?

  2. The soft drizzle is the best kind of rain - it gets a chance to soak in the earth.

  3. Oh, how wonderful that gentle, steady rain sounds! So glad you finally got some of it!

    Good luck on the battery and door handle, and hope you have lots of fun with your niece and her family... and your other friends, of course! :)

    And sleeping on freshly laundered sheets is one of life's little pleasures!

  4. I know you must be enjoying that rain!! You have your week all planned--sounds like a busy one. We are leaving Friday to go to my sisters for the weekend..I hope the lower humidity we have going on right now will last!!

  5. Good morning John,

    Well it's prep time again, now that the rains have started. If you get my drift.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes it is the best and since we haven't had rain in so long then it is good so that as the monsoon season continues the water won't be charging off to lower levels causing flooding.

    Hi Sharon,

    It sounds so inviting and puts me to sleep. We really needed this rain.

    Yes time to make these fixes happen so I can take off and be ready for what ever comes my way in travels.

    Its so hard to find those sheets that make a nice crisp bed anymore. All these new fabrics are so uncomfortable..

    Hi Sondra,
    Yes it is going to be busy all right.
    Have a safe trip and hope you find the less humidity to make it even more enjoyable