Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Was Dragged Out Today Some Old Pictures

This morning I got up with good intentions of getting more things done around here.

I put up a crock pot of 5 kinds of beans, onions, carrots, garlic, some herbs and a package of taco seasoning. Emptied the dishwasher. Made breakfast and then loaded up the dishwasher with this mornings dishes. 

Started emptying waste baskets and took one bag of trash out. It sure was hot already. So I closed up the house and turned on the A/C. Sat to drink more coffee and the phone rang. Rose was looking for someone to take a ride to Macy's. Told her to give me a few minutes to get ready and off we went.  No money was spent by me.

Came home and had a salad.  It was the last one and I new I had to go grocery shopping. I really didn't want to go but... Got going and picked up a few grocery's. It was really hot by mid afternoon so I was done for the day.

The beans really turned out great.

Good Night All


  1. Are your purple flowers salvia? I have several red ones around our only tree out back. Today was beyond blistering, 107. Ugh. Did virtually nothing but did manage to complain a lot. ;-)

  2. Hi JMD,

    I really don't know, they may be wild as I took them at Gilbert Ray campground a few years ago.

    Yup the heat is back on in full force. This morning at 5:30 it was already nasty and my a/c ran a lot all night. Going to be wicked for the next few days.

  3. Hi, Jo. Trying to catch up with blog reading is impossible! Just a quick check of my favorites. We had some nice cool weather, but alas, it didn't last back to hot and humid.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Nice to see you here. Yes same here it was tolerable for a few days but yesterday and from here on until who knows when back into triple digits and humid.

  5. Pretty shots!! Yum that crock pot dish sounds great!!

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Thanks it was. Love beans of all kinds and it's so easy to just throw everything in a crock pot.