Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sore Muscles and Bones

I woke up late this morning. So I jumped up and quick threw on some clothes to get Fred out. Of course I had a great Bed Head going on and of course the garbage men just had to be right in front of my house. So headed for the back of the house as fast as I could.

It was a little cooler out this morning so I did manage to open the windows and door for a short time.
Before the A/C would come on I wanted to clean the widow over the unit. I managed that while Fred laid in the sun.

I brought the ladder into the house so I could change some wall hangings around and make things look different. That is one heavy ladder. Moving it from one place to another was quite a work out and climbing up and down. But I managed to get it all done without falling off the ladder or dropping anything on my head or feet. Not quite finished but I won't need the ladder to finish or move any furniture. Of course that may be subject to change at a thoughts notice.

Here are a couple of my new finds..

This window is great and fits right into the lower part of the kitchen window above the sink, I took the picture crooked so I could avoid the faucet. I walked around the store a few times before I decided I just couldn't leave the store with out it especially since it was 30% off

I saw this jug last week and went back for it and it was 15% off the already reduced price.

I have wanted one of these teapots for a really long time but the prices were so over the top I always walked away. I also spotted this  last week but didn't even look at the price until yesterday. $5. and it was mine. It's  cast iron

It's amazing how a few things turn into a total remake of a room or two. I think I will be staying out of the 2nd hand stores for a while.

And I heard from the guy who is going to put the battery set up in my truck. Said he is still waiting for answers from vendors on prices. Good Night All


  1. The window is really pretty, great find! Seldom find anything here but I still have hope. ;-)

  2. All of your finds are gorgeous, and I don't know which one I like best.

  3. Hi JMD,

    I love stained glass. I have a few pieces and all have been found in Antique or 2nd hand stores. One was mixed in with paintings and I got it for $5. It is in perfect condition. Just have to keep looking. I was so surprised when I found the window for such a low price.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thanks I need to stop shopping I'm running out of room. haha

  4. I really do like that teapot! I like nearly anything cast iron!

  5. Hi Jim,

    Thanks it even has the little basket for loose tea. It only makes one cup but that's enough for one person.

  6. Oh, I do love that teapot. Have never seen a cast iron one before!

  7. Hi Sharon,

    We have stores called World Market and that is where I saw them a while back but they were priced at about $35. for this one and up for larger ones. That was totally not going to happen.
    So when I saw this one and my friend noticed a price tag of $5. I had to buy it. It looks so neat on my fake wood burning stove.