Friday, August 29, 2014

A Nothing Day/ And Now You Can Start Your Labor Day Weekend

Another outstanding morning. It was 68 degrees and very low humidity. By 10 am had to close the windows and door to keep the cool air in for a little longer. By 10:40 it was time to turn on the fans and about 15 min. later the a/c but on low. 

I put a few more books on my kindle so I can do more reading. This way I get off the computer and not turn the TV on to watch nothing.

Tomorrow I will back the truck into the driveway and finish off the blue insulation. There isn't to much left to do.

As you may have noticed my post name yesterday was a little early. I keep loosing days for some reason. 

Once again be careful out there this weekend and have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend

Good Night All


  1. I got concerned I missed where I was in the week! lol Not that it ever happens.

    97 today with tons of skeeters and flies. Got to hate them!!!

  2. You have a good holiday yourself. Fall is on the way and cool weather can't be far off.

  3. Yep soon it will be open windows and doors, then keeping them closed later and later as the air is too cool to face first thing in the morning...we have the dog days to go through yet!

  4. Hi JMD,

    I miss lots of days when nothing is going on they just roll into each other. It was 101 here but skeeters abound here too and those equally nasty fly's

    Good Morning John,

    Thank you I will likely stay home since it will be 103.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Have a great one and yes fall will be coming shortly.

    Hi Sondra,

    I have my windows and door open now but will be closing up I guess around 10 am to keep out the 104 we are expecting today. :(P

  5. I hope you have a terrific weekend!

  6. Hi Brad,

    Thank you and you do the same. And welcome to my blog.